Nick Vertucci Is An Author, Real Estate Investor, and Poker Player

Nick Vertucci is a long time poker player, but he is also a huge success in the real estate industry, making millions for himself over the years. He has also authored several books about real estate, all of which add to his success today. While Nick is not making millions in the poker industry, he is certainly a good and well-known player at this point since he has been playing for more than 15 years. Nick Vertucci has made many risky moves over the years and according to him, his career in poker is what helped him become so successful in real estate.

Throughout all the time Nick has focused on the real estate industry building his career and his wealth, he has maintained his passion for playing poker. Nick has regularly tested and improved upon his poker skills over the years and now he is putting even more effort into it as of late. The first time Nick was able to make money from poker was through a tournament held in Commerce, California, where he played a Texas Hold’em match against 250 other opponents. After winning a prize of 7,500 dollars for 8th place, Nick knew he wanted to keep improving and taking on more in the poker world.

Despite all of his time playing poker, Nick Vertucci is still mainly known for his work in real estate, especially since he opened up a real estate academy. Despite that, he is a regular and known figure in the poker circles as he continues to compete every year. Vertucci has played with some of the biggest names out there in poker tournaments, including Poker After Dark, World Series of Poker, and World Poker Tournament. Accompanying Nick Vertucci to many of the high profile tournaments are some of the biggest earners in the industry, such as Mike Matusow and Phil Lakk.