Nick Vertucci: The Past Does not Decide Your Future

Nick Vertucci had a difficult childhood, but this did not deter his success as an adult. After losing his father at the age of ten years, Nick’s life was never the same. Life became difficult for Nick and her mother. She worked hard to replace the void left by her husband. Despite the effort of her mother, life did not become any easier as it would have been with his father present. Nick’s young adult life was terrible until he decided to turn it around.

Nick Vertucci started with a small business of selling computer parts. The business thrived, and Nick enjoyed the freedom of self-employment. Unfortunately, the year 2008 experienced a recession. It affected Nick’s business, and he lost it. At this point, Nick was supporting a family of five, and the only thing he had was his home. One day a friend invited him to a real estate seminar, and he was glad to attend it.

The seminar inspired Nick Vertucci to start a business in real estate and today; he is a millionaire. The knowledge Nick acquired in his real estate business is not just his. He started an academy that trains people to invest in real estate. Nick and his companies have helped people who have invested in real estate, and they are thriving.

Looking back at his life, Nick Vertucci realized that your past does not determine your future. At one point or another in Nick’s life, he was depressed, miserable and desperate. The situation changed, and now Nick is a mogul in the real estate business. Additionally, he has succeeded and helped others to do so. Back in the initial beginnings, Nick Vertucci may not have thought or believed he would be who he is. In fact, he almost did not go to the seminar that inspired his present success.

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