Nick Vertucci will teach you all about the real estate industry with his academy

Nick Vertucci is a good example of how the human spirit can overcome anything, no matter what how big or small a challenge can be. He overcame loss, homelessness, and debt to actually call himself a millionaire investing in real estate. It was with hard work and a will to succeed that propelled Nick into wealth. Here is his story. When he was a child, his family was happy, but was not rich. Tragedy struck when his father died when Nick was only 10 years old. From then on Nick and his siblings did not see their mother very often because she worked very long hours. Things did not get any better because at 18 Nick Vertucci was living in his vehicle for several years. Luck would have it that he started a business a few years later, but the success did not last long. At the height of the dot com crash, his business could not survive it and he lost everything, but his home. He went into so much debt and could not get out of it until one day something happened. Nick Vertucci went to a real estate seminar that his friend convinced him to go to. He fought the idea at first, but then changed his mind. He soon realized that it was the solution to all his financial problems and he took in all the information he could that weekend. He may of not understood all of it, but he was eager to learn. With persistence and hard work Mr. Vertucci rose to become a successful entrepreneur and real estate mogul. The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy offers everything you need to know about the real estate industry to get you off your feet and making the kind of money you’ve always dreamed of. His system is easy, to the point, and you may even enjoy yourself. Mr. Vertucci’s academy has workshops all over the country with upcoming ones held in San Diego and Los Angeles in the sunny state of California. He also has an upcoming workshop in Seattle, Washington. Mr. Nick Vertucci has lots of happy students who have succeeded in the real estate industry. If you become a student you will learn all about how to flip homes, rehabbing homes, how to buy houses for rental income, asset protection, commercial properties, using your IRA and 401K to fund these investments, and much more.