GoBuySide Recruitment Company with the Right Experience and Hiring Process

For companies that are looking for management executives and top-tier executives, it is necessary to hire the right recruiters to find the best candidates for your company’s position as in the otherwise case; it would be difficult for the companies to achieve their business goals. GoBuyside is a name that is familiar among human resources managers across the globe. GoBuySide has helped many management firms to find the right talent for their firm. It is necessary that you have the right candidates in your company to achieve your revenue and business goals. The digital platform used by GoBuySide is a very unique and innovative one and sources the top tier executives from global leveraging its advanced proprietary technology. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

GoBuySide has been in business for almost eight years now and was founded by Arjun Kapur who has been in the human resources field for nearly two decades. He has done his studies in business administration from Stanford University and graduated in economics from the John Hopkins University. Many companies out there are not able to find the right talent for their firms, and it eventually results in decreased performance and increased operating cost. Not having the right talent working for your management firm can make a lot of difference and can cost you millions eventually. Moreover, it would also make it difficult for you to stay competitive without having the right management executives working for you. Follow GoBuyside on Twitter.com.

The success of any company depends on the type of employees the companies have. For financial companies, it is even more difficult since they need employees with the latest skills and knowledge. Thus, it is best for these companies to seek the services of GoBuySide who attracts the best talents from different parts of the world. They help their clients keep up with the recruitment requirement to minimize loss.

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The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Game Plan

If you are interested in buying properties there are a number of possibilities for you to look into. You want to put yourself in a place where you will be able to fix up one home, sell it and move on to the next. This is what the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is able to do. Nick and his team of employees can help you find out the necessary steps that you need to go through in order to build up a home and get it sold for a profit.

The real estate concept is popular because there are a lot of HGTV shows that are discussing the topic of fixing up homes. This has become sort of a DIY type of environment where you learn how to engage in fixing up a home yourself. This is part of what Nick Vertucci talks about to people that are looking for short sales and foreclosures as potential homes that they can purchase.

Everyone that is looking at the real estate does not always have the money to afford these homes even if some of these properties are foreclosed. What Nick Vertucci does is help people see that there are options that they have for getting bank loans.

Sometimes this will require going to multiple lenders before you find the bank that is going to give you money for this type of purchase. All of these are the things that Nick Vertucci can help people discover once they sign up for his real estate Academy.

He has proven results that involve his own testimony about real estate investing. This cannot be denied when it comes to the possibilities that exist for building a solid financial portfolio. His testimony about his transition from losing a home to investing in homes is a very powerful one.

Jeunesse Global Health and Wellness Product

Jeunesse Global is an international company that was founded in 2009. The company offers a skin care line, cosmetics, and supplements that promote health and wellness. The company is headquartered in Lake Mary, Florida, but has offices all over the world.


RevitaBlu is a nutritional drink mix that hydrates and supports the body’s immune system. It contains coconut water powder, blue-green algae, sea buckhorn berry, and aloe vera.

RVL Advanced Hair Care System

RVL is a line of products include a shampoo, leave-in conditioner, and revitalizing scalp infusion treatment. The shampoo is suitable for all hair types and is made with flaxseed oil, shikakai, glycerin, and fenugreek. The leave-in conditioner contains jojoba, black seed oil, and omega-3 fatty acids. The RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment hydrates hair and includes citric acid, soy animo acids, and more.

Zen Bodi

Zen Project 8 is a diet program that works in three phases. The first phase is detox, the second is ignite, and the third is thrive. With each phase, you are provided with support from other participants in the program.

Instantly Ageless

This product is an anti-aging cream that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The cream can be used on the forehead and around the eyes. Instantly Ageless begins to work as soon as it is applied and can last up to nine hours.


Luminesce is a skin care line that contains powerful ingredients to help minimize wrinkles and fine lines. There are a number of products that are offered with this line.


Nevo is a caffeinated energy drink that was a Consumer Product of the Year in 2016. It contains green tea, yerba mate, and guarana, and it also comes with a number of vitamins. The drink is only 50 calories per can and comes in four flavors.


OSI Group: Search + Article Recap

Sheldon Lavin has been the CEO of OSI Group since the 1970’s. He is an innovator with the vision of marketing sustainable food production. His belief in the economic and environmental value of using cutting edge technology in the food production to process has been the catalyst behind the company’s phenomenal growth. The corporation has grown from the corner butcher shop in West Side Chicago to one of the world’s largest food producing corporations. Read more on patch.com

Lavin’s vision was for a way to mass produce meats that would cause the least harm to the environment, while protecting the food product during long distance travel in the U.S. and abroad. Under his leadership, OSI Group was the first to begin the flash freeze process. Flash freezing occurs when liquid nitrogen is used to freeze meat patties quickly and have it last for long journeys, while protecting the integrity of the food product. The process of flash freezing, sometimes called blast freezing, uses extremely low temperatures to freeze food quickly with very cold air. The cold air circulates the food and prevents moisture from getting through to the product during thawing.

Lavin established a profitable relationship with McDonald’s Corporation which continues for decades. The OSI Group also formulated relationships with other restaurant corporations including Burger King and Subway. These relationships cultivated significant profits for the food producer. The expansions continued with relationships with other corporations including other beef and poultry producers, gourmet restaurant distributors, and other food producers.

Sheldon Lavin took his vision for sustainable food production global and increased the family owned business to worldwide food production business model. The OSI Group currently operates in over 17 countries, has over 60 production plants, and more than twenty thousand employees. The OSI Group is recognized as a world leader in sustainable food production.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong; JD.com Is The Future


Richard Liu Qiangdong is the chief executive officer and founder of JD.com. He founded JD.com in the year 2004. The business name JingDong was derived from his last name and the first name of the lady he was dating when he founded JD.com. Richard Liu was brought up in a humble background. His father was also business oriented like Richard Liu and owned a transport company and was also a trader.

An interview called “An Insight, An Idea” sits down with Richard Liu to discuss his career and how he has transformed the retail industry. His company JD.com is now one of the largest retailers in all of China and it has been very successful.

Liu Qiangdong attended college at the Renmim University of China where he graduated with a degree in Sociology. During his period of study at Renmim University, Richard Liu started a restaurant business. He ventured into this business in order to come up with funds to help cater for the hospital bills of his ailing mother. The restaurant business did not do well and he had to close it down.

The next business venture by Richard Liu was a retail store company. The company had 12 stores and some of the businesses specialized in selling computer ware. According to Liu Qiangdong, he had to close most of the businesses during the SARS outbreak in 2004 since most of the employees resorted to staying at home.

An employee who was still working with Liu Qiangdong suggested that they sell the stock they had online. This was the beginning of JD.com. Most of the physical shops were closed by Richard Liu towards the end of 2004. This was a result of a careful comparison of online shopping from physical shopping. Liu Qiangdong and his associates discovered that online shopping required less logistics and that most customers found online shopping more pleasant. Find Related Information Here.

Liu Qiangdong believes that most people choose to shop with JD.com since they do not sell any counterfeit products and they offer fair prices for products. JD.com is ranked among the top 4 online stores in China and is estimated to be worth over $60 billion. According to Richard Liu, It takes between 6-20 hours to have products delivered in China.

Wealth gives one a sense of responsibility to society according to Liu Qiangdong. He believes that it is his responsibility to give back to society and to grow JD.com.


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Knowing About Unroll Me


Unroll Me is an email service providing company. It gets into your email inbox and clears all the emails that are not needed at all or the promotional emails that keep on popping up in your email every time.

In an article on Techcrunch.com, Sarah Perez writes about the advantages that a service such as Unroll Me can offer the digital mail world. The company shows you how to successfully opt out of certain subscriptions via the online dashboard. Their online tools also allow the user to group and categorize certain subscriptions together. For example, social media updates could be one section while coupons and news email blasts can have their own folder as well.


Unroll Me Businesses

Unroll Me first appeared in the mailing industry in the year 2011. During this period, the company reached an agreement that it will help clear all the mailing problems that affect people using different emails. Due to its competence in clearing off all these emails and promotional newsletters, the users of Unroll Me are more than 1.3 million. Unroll Me is very independent and has not opted to join any other companies with whom they do same mailing services.

The main reason why Unroll Me decided to remain independent is that they want to retain their focus. Unroll Me wants to offer the best services to the clients; therefore if they join companies whom they provide the same services for instance Slice, they will not be able to explore their full potential. Unroll Me has been focused on opening its services to a variety of people, and it’s determined to open a mobile app that will be used by very many people. See This Page for related information.


Safety with Unroll Me

Unroll Me has pledged to keep all the emails of a person a top secret. It only takes away those emails that are not necessary to you. The company has had a good track record of keeping people’s affairs safe. In case of any malicious intentions being planned by people, Unroll Me is on the watch out to warn people. The company was reported to have used emails that were not of good will to stop evil acts that were involved with the Uber. The company, therefore, is legitimate in its operations.



Unroll Me is a company that is recommended for all the people who feel that their mailbox is crowded by unnecessary emails. Just get into one step of subscribing into the company as a subscriber. Immediately you subscribe to their services you start receiving their mailing services. It’s the best mailbox cleaner.


Visit them on https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.unrollme&hl=en_US


How to Solve Company Disputes with Todd Levine

The current business environment is extremely competitive. It is not a surprise that many companies often find themselves butting heads with one another. There is where attorney Todd Levine comes into the picture. As a commercial litigator, his job is sorting out the facts and representing the client’s viewpoint in a court of law. He is a founding member of the Florida based law firm Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, & Levine, P.L. During a recent Blog Webpedia article, Todd Levine describes how he approaches each case.


An essential quality to being a good Attorney and commercial litigator is having a wide knowledge set. Todd Levine boosts his creative side through music and art on his spare time. An individual in his position has to be able to see the big picture. He needs to understand not only what his client wants, but what the other side is thinking. A deal can only be struck when some mutual ground is reached. Todd Levine finds the most successful strategy is determining the endpoint and planning backward from there.


A dispute between two major companies can be big deal, but Todd Levine has two additional options on the table. He can offer medication, where both parties agree to a set of terms. This often results in a better deal than if a judge is forced to hand down a ruling in court. He can also act as an Arbiter, where a selected representative figures out the dispute without the company names attached to the issue. In either case, he has a lot of tools he can use for cases.


The mix of business and law is always a tricky situation. As an attorney and commercial litigator, Todd Levine puts his client’s needs first. He wants each party to leave the case satisfied.

Micheal Burwell At Willis Towers Watson


Willis Towers Watson is an organization that assists small and large firms with consultancy advice and investment services while helping individuals learn about job opportunities and be abreast with information about the job market. Their obligation as an organization is to hire and nature the best candidates they can find. This enables Willis Towers Watson to manage and provide a diverse workforce which is crucial to the organization.

To continue maintaining an equal opportunity affirmative action the firm reviews its policies and practices to accommodate and give equal chance to everyone regardless of their race, religion, ability or disability, color, sexual orientation and other factors that have caused division in the society.

Michael Burwell was named the organization’s chief financial officer, CFO, in 2017 after his success nationwide in finance, investments, and broking. He replaced Rogers Millay who retired in the course of the same year, leaving the successful company at Micheal Burwell’s hands.


Life before Willis Towers Watson

Micheal Burwell is a trained CPA and a graduate from the University of Michigan with an undergraduate degree in Business administration. He has over three decades of experience in the financial and accounting industry where he has worked in several crucial positions for different firms. Before he was named the CFO for Willis, Michael Burwell worked for price water house Coopers LLP for 31 years, for 11 years as a business advisory in the assurance practice, then as a partner from 1997 where he moved to business transactions department at PwC Detroit. In 2012, he became the firms vice president, after much success in business transactions.

In his time as the vice chair, Global and US, Micheal Burwell helped to increase and expand the firm’s internal shares services. For this CFO and financial guru, it does not always work and work. He enjoys golfing, a sport introduced to him by his grandfather, whenever he has some free time or with friends and colleagues just to relax and blow off some steam. Micheal Burwell insists on the need to network and creating relations in the business world. With a stable and resourceful network, a business person is able to survive harsh business seasons and push technologies.


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COO Jojo Hedaya Shares How He Encourages Entrepreneurship At Unroll.Me


When he was 24 years old Jojo Hedaya established a company with the mission of eliminating junk email. It piles up in people’s inboxes and is very frustrating to deal with. It makes it hard to see what it actually important in your emails. He co-founded Unroll.me which can be used to organize email and weed out the junk. This tech solution is now being used by people around the world.

Working as the chief operating officer of Unroll.Me, Jojo Hedaya says that he was sending emails to his business partner, Josh Rosenwald, who never responded because he couldn’t see these emails among all the superfluous junk. For most people around 80 percent of what they have in their email box is just updates, newsletter, subscriptions, and the like. Unroll.me will quickly scan the user’s inbox and put all of the subscriptions in just one neat email.

The user can then look at them all and easily unsubscribe from things they don’t want with just a click.

Jojo Hedaya lives and works in New York City. He is a graduate of the City University of New York-Brooklyn College where he earned degrees in business and philosophy. He and his business partner were able to launch Unroll.Me without any outside investor money. Their company quickly had 1.3 million users within a few years. The company was acquired by Slice in 2014 for an undisclosed amount of money. View Additional Info Here.

He says that he is always encouraging the employees of his company to engage in entrepreneurial thinking and attitude. The question that Jojo Hedaya wants them to consider is how would the run things if they were the top executive. He also feels it is very important to see that you are hiring a “whole person” and that you will cultivate them in that manner as well. He wants to create open conversations where employees feel it is ok to talk about their personal situations and needs.


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Michael Burwell Willis Towers Watson Newest Addition


Willis Towers Watson announced that they were adding Michael Burwell to their team. He will be joining the team in the position of Chief Financial Officer and brings with him 31 years of experience in finance and personal services. In the last ten years, the new CFO has been in senior management including serving as Chief Operating Officer, Head of Global Transformation as well as Head of Transaction Services.


Aside from Michael Burwell’s experience in senior management Michael Burwell also joins Willis Tower Watson with 11 years of auditing experience and 12 years with advisory experience that includes assisting companies with valuation and due diligence before a merger. Speaking on the appointment the company CEO viewed the appointment as a positive move for the company as Michael Burwell will bring not only his leadership experience but also the fact that said experience was in a large multinational with a focus on customer satisfaction.


In an interview with Inspirery Michael Burwell revealed that the ideas that make the company successful come from the team that he works with. Employees not in management have a unique view of issues that a person in senior management does not have and that gives them very good ideas. The experienced CFO underscores the importance of building relationships and networking in order to achieve business success. Even non-business relationships will help an entrepreneur in that he or she communicates better to clients and team members.


On things that give him pride, Michael Burwell mentioned the deal he brokered with google and the fact that at one of his former positions he was able to reduce costs without laying off staff. Michael Burwell was on the board of Sacred Heart Rehabilitation center where he managed to make changes that resulted in the institution being run better. He was attracted to this particular charity because he has dealt with friends and family that have struggled with addiction. The course appeals to him on a personal level and he wanted to give back to the community.


About Michael Burwell


Michael Burwell is the sitting Willis Towers Watson CFO. He is a Michigan University graduate and is a CPA. He joined the company bringing with him over 30 years of experience in finance and advisory services. Michael Burwell enjoys golfing which was introduced to him by his grandfather.


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