Why End Citizens United Is Backing Congressional Candidate Conor Lamb

     There is an open US congressional seat in Pennsylvania’s 18th district. The special election will be held on March 13th and the two political candidates for it are a Democrat, Conor Lamb, and a Republican, Rick Saccone. The seat is up for grabs because the previous occupant, Republican Tim Murphy, had to resign. He had been one of the strongest advocates for bans on abortion in Congress but that story fell apart when it turned out he was carrying on an affair unbeknownst to his wife and urged the woman involved to have an abortion after he got her pregnant.

Conor Lamb is a strong candidate, although he is running in a district that has voted Republican for many years. He is 33 years old and has served in the Marines and has also been an assistant United States attorney. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee hasn’t supported him that well, though, but they did buy $224,000 worth of television ads to support his candidacy. The hope is that this funding will prompt other big donors to start contributing larger amounts to this race.

One of the bigger national political action committees to endorse Conor Lamb is End Citizens United. They back politicians who support campaign finance reform that will reduce the amount big corporations and PACS organized by the richest 1% can spend on any political campaign. Conor Lamb has pledged to support this cause which led to End Citizens United endorsing him.

Conor Lamb has been enthusiastically supported by labor unions in his district and his speaking events have drawn huge crowds. There is a high level of Democratic enthusiasm this election cycle because they are hoping to stop Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell’s gameplan of destroying the middle and lower classes so that the rich can get the vast majority of the benefit in regards to paying lower taxes.

End Citizens United came about when the U.S. Supreme Court made a ruling that corporations and people could spend as much as they desire on political races. This has undermined the country because many politicians are now completely beholden to these sources of their money. End Citizens United wants to put in office politicians who will put in place sensible campaign finance reform with the goal of ultimately introducing a constitutional amendment that enshrines what any one entity can give to politicians in an effort to buy them off.

Please read “End Citizens United PAC wants to make its name a reality” too for more.


Judge in Nassar Sentencing Considers Supreme Court Run

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina says that Larry Nassar’s sentencing isn’t about her. However, that hasn’t stopped her from publicly announcing that she’s considering a run for Michigan Supreme court. Aquilina says it’s Michigan Democrats that approached her about the run. Aquilina is a graduate of Cooley Law School and an Ingham County Circuit Court judge.

Aquilina presided over the sentence of gymnastics doctor and sexual offender Larry Nassar. Nassar worked as the volunteer doctor for the women’s national gymnastics team from 1996 to 2015. Nassar received sentences from the federal and Michigan state courts that amount to more than a life sentence for the sexual abuse of hundreds of girls and women.

The presiding judge allowed the audience to clap after each victim delivered their victim impact statement at the Nassar sentencing. Although Nassar objected to what he called a media circus, Aquilina allowed the family members of victims to also make statements. The sentencing hearing extended into a second week as more than 100 victims and their family members made statements to the court.

Aquilina says that she would enjoy working as a Supreme Court justice. She notes that judges of the Supreme Court spend more time listening to arguments from other lawyers than they spend listening to victims. She says that she enjoys her current elected position and she would have to think about whether she truly wants to make the change.

Others are critical of the way that Aquilina conducted the sentencing. They said that she shouldn’t have made comments during the sentencing hearing that indicated bias. They say that it was inappropriate for Aquilina to take pride in signing what she called Nassar’s “death warrant.” She also seemed gleeful at the thought that Nassar may be abused in prison. Some say Aquilina’s conduct opened the case up for grounds for Nassar’s appeal.

More American Workers Facing Employment Arbitration

The right of American workers to take their employers to court has in recent years been seriously challenged and even denied. This is directly related to the increasing use of arbitration in settling employment disputes.
The right to sue an employer for discrimination, harassment or various other reasons has long been a vital element of the American justice system. Less than 30 years ago, 98 percent of the Americans who worked without union representation had the right to redress for grievances, which is guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. According to one estimate, more than half of the nonunion workers in the United States are currently covered under the principle of arbitration. This change is largely attributable to rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court. More about the issue of arbitration is available at www.reddit.com/r/law.
Direct arbitration was originally used in settling disputes between commercial interests. In individual employment issues, this policy offers some of the same advantages as when used by businesses. Arbitration is generally less complicated and less costly than court action, and cases can usually be resolved in a shorter period of time. However, the damages awarded to plaintiffs are generally smaller than in cases adjudicated in civil courts. Additionally, employees may not be aware of the restrictions that may be involved, including a clause that requires complete confidentiality on their part after they take action against their employers.
Other restrictions have been recommended or imposed, with a new federal law prohibiting class action lawsuits in consumer contracts that are governed under the rules of arbitration. On the other hand, some members of the U.S. Congress have proposed a measure that would prohibit the use of arbitration in personal harassment cases. In the end, the issue comes down to whether Americans will be able to exert their constitutional rights.

Emojis and Emoticons Become a Legal Matter

In the legal profession, emojis and emoticons have become an urgent matter, even to the point that serious attempts are being made to determine what they mean and what should be done with them.
An emoji is a graphic symbol, often a “happy” face, which can be used to decorate a page of text. An emoticon is a visual representation that is usually comprised of numbers, letters or punctuation marks. Both are widely used in electronic messaging. Though seemingly harmless, they create a problem when the symbols accompany text in legal communications. The issue is whether emojis and emoticons somehow supplement or alter the meaning of the written information, clouding communications that are by their nature adversarial.
In one sexual harassment case, an emoji with a kiss mark on its face may have been an attempt to further humiliate the victim. In a similar case, an emoji seemed to represent merely another advance by the person accused of harassment. An Internet messaging case in Michigan involved the use of a visual representation that appeared to defame a local official, although a state court later ruled that the artwork was in fact insignificant. In still another incident, a judge ruled that artwork appearing on written communications had to be shown to a jury.
According to available statistics, emojis and emoticons appeared in 33 U.S. court cases last year. This indicates a rapid increase in their use in recent years, with 25 such appearances reported in 2016 and only 14 in 2015. More about this matter is available at www.reddit.com/r/law.
Those in the legal profession have begun to tackle this matter through meetings, seminars and the dissemination of official documents. Some of these symbols are more obvious than others, but it may still take a legal mind to decipher what each one of them means.

David Giertz: President of Nationwide Life Insurance

David Giertz is the current President of Nationwide Life Insurance Company located in Columbus, Ohio. He became the president of this Company in April of 2013. Prior to becoming the President, he was the Senior Vice President over the Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales at Nationwide Life Insurance. He is also very involved with other companies. He is even the President of some other major companies. Some of these companies being the following:

Beginning in Decatur, Illinois, Giertz received his bachelor’s degree in science. David obtained this degree from Millikin University. He then continued his education at Coral Gables, Florida. It was at the University of Miami where Giertz received his Executive MBA. Giertz is an extremely modest man due to his upbringing. He was raised with four siblings in a single parent household. His mother worked full time to support all of them. From his upbringing, he understood a great deal about diverse backgrounds and gives back because he knows that everybody does not have it as easy as some others.

  • Nationwide Financial Distributors Incorporated
  • FI Distributions Agency Incorporated
  • VP of Southeastern USA

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, David discussed the importance of advisors speaking to their clients about social security. He also revealed survey statistics that his company has recently gathered. According to this survey, there are a great amount of advisors that do not discuss social security for retirement with their clients. On top of that, these same clients are saying that they would switch advisors if they knew they were being denied earlier access to this knowledge. He stressed how important it is to maximize your social security benefits to secure your retirement. Nationwide Life Insurance Company has also calculated that plenty of people, around 30 percent, are not receiving the full benefits that they should be. Through the helping hand of David Giertz, you can ensure that you are reaping all of your benefits for retirement.

Find out more about David Giertz: https://thebrotalk.com/investing/even-bros-retire-ohio-investment-advisor-david-giertz-ideas-get-prepared/

OneLogin Security Solutions

According to a report by Aberdeen, the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) gets data from at least 16,000 manufacturers in Canada and the U.S. This data is meant to explore identity challenges faced by manufacturing organizations in the modern world. There are two major challenges they face in this digital era. This include addressing the compliance risks and ever-evolving security problems that come with expanding user access, and managing the permissions and roles of diverse users and a portfolio of applications. These are the most thought of challenges by IT managers, compliance officers, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Information Security Officers (CISO).

As a result, three critical points with regards to IT and security are to be considered when developing access and identity management strategy. Firstly, it is now common for users to have access to company data, apps and networks throughout the extended enterprise. This has enabled vendors to work in different locations. However, that has come at a cost of structuring complex systems to suit these needs. As user access grows, it is becoming a challenge to maintain systems and permissions as accessed by third-party users. In the same vein, the reality of potential security threats is getting bigger, hence affecting the cost of maintain systems.

Secondly according to Onelogin, the only to cost effectively and securely connect to growing numbers and applications should be mission critical for any manufacturer. This is because expanding user access comes with increasing business agility. Nonetheless, if this process is done without proper preparation then there is a high likelihood of data breaches, lost user productivity and disruption of critical systems. The Verizon 2017 and 2016 data breach investigation reports showed that crimes involving compromised, stolen or weak user credentials had surged to between 80% and 90%.

Lastly, cyber-attacks are always costly for manufacturers. Considering there is a wealth of confidential information in the system, this information becomes the primary target for cyber attackers. Some of the sensitive data that should be well guarded include mergers and acquisition data, NPI documentation, partner agreements, financials and business plans. Others include schematics and blueprints. Derek Brink reported that manufacturers facing a single identity-related data challenge end up with a fiscal impact of roughly 500 million.

Tour Manager Clayton Hutson

As an experienced tour manager, there is one thing that Clayton Hutson very quickly came to understand: it takes a lot of experience and multiple talents to make any type of production a success. If you are a recording artist and are looking for an individual to make you look as good as possible, then Clayton is definitely your man. He not only understands the importance of image, he realizes how to mix together a myriad of sounds. Most importantly, he realizes there is a lot of hard work involved in the music industry. It isn’t just “wine, women and song.”


Clayton Hutson also realizes the leadership needed in order to run such a company. He has experience in production design, production management, rigging, stage management, and logistics management. He also is well-versed in being a show producer and providing a quality experience as a monitor engineer. If that weren’t enough, Hutson has also worked with a number of famous names in the music industry, including the following:


Staind Founder Aaron Lewis:


Hutson did some work with one of the solo tours of Staind founder Aaron Lewis when he decided to issue a solo album in 2011. Lewis relied on Hutson to help his tour produce the best sound and look like a winner to his fans. Clayton Hutson placed a huge emphasis on being in control of Lewis’ sound and avoiding being “at the mercy of local production companies.”


Marilyn Manson


Clayton Hutson has also done some work with Marilyn Manson when he first rose to prominence in the late 1990’s. He installed a hand-built D5 sound system for the singer in the early 2000’s. Navigating the new sound to the fans of Marilyn Manson because he is naturally unpredictable, but Hutson was able to pull it off.


Thus, to say that Clayton Hutson knows his way around the music business would be an understatement. He understands the nature of recording artists and he has a deep technological understanding of the many different sound systems available to help these and many other artists continue to entertain their fan bases for many years to come. Learn more: http://www.livedesignonline.com/concerts?page=18


The New Tax Bill Law Might Make You Mad Too

A Disney Heiress has plenty to say about the new Tax Bill that might affect you in a very dramatic way. If the bill becomes the new tax law, millions might get as angry as this Disney Heiress. The name of the heiress is Abigail Disney. Certainly, the name is very familiar to people in this country that grew up loving Mickey Mouse and other assorted Disney Characters. Abigail Disney is the granddaughter of Walt Disney Company Co-founder, Roy O. Disney.

The Rich Get Richer
Every American that is not rich or worth several million dollars will be negatively affected by the new Tax Bill. Abigail Disney is not all that happy about that fact. She noted that the bill will entitle her to a big fact tax cut, while other Americans that are not rich will lose a lot of their benefits. For example, the new tax bill will cut off health insurance benefits to millions of Americans that are struggling to keep up with the changing economy.

Why New Tax Law Might Destroy The American Dream
The American Dream for millions of kids is to grow up and find a decent job. The ideal is to have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosper through getting an education and working hard to rise up the ladder of success. However, the new tax law will destroy the middle class and poor families that are inspired by the American Dream of success. This is something that the Disney heiress believes in strongly.

The Disney Heiress, Abigail Disney, strongly believes that someone is going to pay big for the tax cut. Those that are going to pay are the middle class and poor in this country. She states that she is mad about the tax cut situation and she hopes that more Americans start to feel the same way too.

J.P. Morgan Views on the New Tax Law

The Trump Tax Bill has been signed, the good and bad of which may not be known for at least a couple of months.

The recent tax bill, signed on December, 22nd of this year, is not without its pros and cons. Two J.P. Morgan officials believe that the bill will bring both benefits and detriments to American tax law.

In fact, the two J.P. Morgan officials feel there are 10 major points or ramifications that will be seen as soon as next year as a result of the new Trump Tax Bill.

A brief summary of each of these points are given below:

Most Taxpayers will Benefit

Even though the initial sentiment has been negative towards the tax bill due to the fact that the middle-class benefits will be changed during 2025 and corporations will continue their 21% flat rate, everyone is still going to get a tax break for another 7 years which can’t be all that bad.

Tax Migration

The tax bill may continue to encourage U.S. citizens to move to places which have lower or no state taxes at all. This would not be good for individual states who rely on their residents to support the state’s government through taxes.

Tax Cuts Can Not Keep Up With Deficit

The budget deficit will continue to rise until at least 2021 and that is why the reversal of tax benefits will end for most taxpayers by 2025. The bill is a temporary relief to taxpayers that can not be sustained for any reasonable length of time without drastically increasing the federal deficit.

Encouraging U.S. Companies to Stay

By only taxing U.S. companies doing business within the U.S., the new tax bill encourages U.S. companies to stay put and not seek tax refuge in other places across the globe.

Corporate Tax Cut Increases Cash Flow for Businesses

Since the corporate tax rate is now a paltry 21% as compared with its former 35%, corporations are expected to improve their cash flows by a large margin resulting in increasing profits and shareholder wealth.

Improving International Competitiveness

Due to the large tax cuts for corporations listed above, U.S. corporations should be able to compete more effectively on the international scene and keep up with international companies that have lower labor expenses.

Higher Stock Market

According to J.P. Morgan, approximately 4% of this year’s stock market gain is attributed to the new tax bill. It is no wonder, as lower taxes should equal higher profits for U.S. companies and thus higher gains for the U.S. stock market in the future.

The Wealthy Will Also Benefit

The Trump Tax Bill allows for an estate tax exemption of up to $11 million per individual. Large estate owners will obviously be helped by this tax break.

Not All Companies Measured Equally

While the overall corporate tax was reduced, some business entities in the U.S. only received half the tax reductions. It seems that the major corporations with influence were the ones to benefit the most.

Interest Expense Exemption

While interest expense can be deducted under the new tax law, corporations are only allowed to deduct up to 30% of cash flow for interest expenses. This will hurt high-yield companies the most.

Popular App Talkspace Provides Mental Health Via Text

Walk by any bus stop or stand in line at your favorite coffee shop and it will strike you – everyone is looking down at their phones. To date, these phones have certainly helped us get better directions or look up what the most popular song was in 1992 (it was “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men). But the smart phone has, in many ways, not helped improve our quality of life.

Enter Talkspace.

professional. After signing up with Talkspace you are paired with a counselor or therapist who will use text messaging, email, even video chat to provide counseling nearly around the clock. Starting at around $25 a week, you can customize how much interaction you need and have confidence you’re working with a licensed professional.

The therapists are all licensed in the regions the clients come from, but they are allowed to expand their service footprint beyond just the city they work in. It provides another revenue stream for these professionals while still providing a service to the clients who may feel more comfortable talking by email or text, or who may have anxiety meeting in a therapist’s office.

Feedback about the service has been positive and a great example of putting the “smart” back in smartphone.