Q&A with Dr. Rod Rohrich

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a very popular plastic surgeon based out of Dallas, Texas and is a professor of plastic surgery at the renowned University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. He has served as an ex-president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and is also the current chairperson of the Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium. He has been a three-time recipient of the Plastic Surgery Foundation Distinguished Service Award and has been consistently rated as the Best Plastic Surgeons in Dallas by the D Magazine. He is also listed in the Castle Connolly’s list of top doctors as well as US News and World Report Best Plastic Surgeons. These are some of the many national and international recognition that Dr. Rohrich is widely known for.

Scarring is one of the most common things to deal with during the post-surgery period. According to Dr. Rohrich, a majority of your healing depends on your genetics and where exactly the incision is located. The incisions which are placed in the nasal and eyelid areas are likely to heal quite well and most of the patients shall not have any scarring issues in these areas. But the practitioner strongly comments about the higher scarring incidence in the neck and shoulder area and advises all his patients to be extra careful when it comes to these areas. But the thing he stresses the most is the prevention of infection and avoiding of the sun to prevent any kind of further damage to the skin.

A lot of patients confuse themselves between liposculpture and liposuction as they sound similar in not only how they are pronounced but also in surgical terms to a certain extent. Dr. Rohrich clearly differentiates between the two. He says that liposuction is just the removal of excessive fat from the right places while liposculpture is a more precision form of surgery that requires an experienced eye to make sure that best results are obtained for both the genders. And while you are considering to go for any type of plastic surgery, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Rohrich as he would make the procedure quite simpler and easier for you.


Group Seeks Legal Aid For Incarcerated Teens

Teenage young men being detained at a correctional facility in Southern Illinois will soon be afforded legal representation from private parties after concerns have been raised regarding their access to attorneys.

Lawyers are being recruited by the James B. Moran Center to provide adequate legal representation for youth accused of assaulting staff members at the youth center in Harrisburg, Illinois. The Moran center is an advocacy group that provides low-income youth in the Evanston, Illinois area with social and legal services, will also have lawyers carefully review the cases of a number of youth who have been previously convicted of crimes and are serving sentences as adults.

A published report by the Problica Illinois released in October showed that youth being held at the Harrisburg facility were being sentenced to significant times in prison for minor assaults on staff. These incidents had previously been handled by in-house disciplinary measures.

The staff at Harrisburg was found to have filed more criminal complaints against youth being held at the facility than the staff at the four other youth correctional facilities combined for the years 2016 and 2017. A large number of these cases were adjudicated in the juvenile court system but for offenders who reached their 18th birthday while still residents of the Harrisburg facility were charged as adults.

Moran Center Executive Director Patrick Keenan-Devlin is critical of the facility saying that not only is Harrisburg not providing these children with the rehabilitation necessary to reroute their lives but they are taking actions that further ensnare these youths into an already “broken system.”

The Moran Center received a $10,000 grant to hire attorneys that are willing to represent these youthful offenders. Keenan-Devlin says that the center will also talk to lawyers working for larger firms to dedicate their time and legal expertise in a volunteer capacity.

Saline County, where Harrisburg is located, is a town of 25,000 that does not have its own public defender’s office. Instead, the county enters into contract agreement with local attorneys to provide these services.

New Board Members Elected For ASAPS

Dr. Jennifer Walden was recently elected to the position of secretary for the ASAPS. The ASAPS is the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Dr. Walden is the first women to serve in this position on the Board. It is a great accomplishment in a career that is highly respected among her peers. Jennifer Walden practices plastic surgery at her Austin, Texas offices but she frequently makes appearances at speaking engagements around the country.

Dr. Walden is experienced in many facets of plastic surgery including rhinoplasty and reconstructive surgery. Her facility in Texas is outfitted with the latest technology in medicine and she is continually updating her education. She has been recognized with several awards over the years for her dedication to her craft. Her patients feel that she is compassionate and caring. Dr. Walden has also given her time to local charities in her area by providing free medical care to those who are less fortunate.

She is a member of several plastic surgery organizations and frequently guides them in the use of new medical equipment. Dr. Walden has had articles written about her in medical journals and has appeared on national television in regard to her industry. Jennifer has been nominated as Woman of the Year by the Austin Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and was named runner up. She served her internship at New York’s Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital when she graduated medical school.

When performing her surgery on her patients, she conducts a thorough search of their history which includes medical conditions as well as their race and ethnicity. This gives her a better understanding of what the outcome of the surgery will be. This technique has allowed her to successfully treat thousands of patients with many more due to have surgery. She has also managed to treat patients who have had bad plastic surgery experiences and was able to repair damage that was done. Dr. Walden’s career is on an uphill climb and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. Her waiting list of patients continues to grow and many people seek her advice.

Government Official Resigns Over Fight Regarding Protection Status For Immigrants

The administration of United States President Donald Trump refused to heed the advice of experts when it forced officials with the Department of Homeland Security to revoke the Temporary Protected Status that had been enjoyed by Honduran nationals.


Temporary Protected Status is enacted to provide relief for individuals who cannot return to their country of origin due to prevailing dangers there often as a result of natural disaster or war. It has been normal procedure over the years for this status to be periodically renewed upon advice from United States diplomats working in the countries in question.


The Trump administration has operated quite differently from past administrations regarding the matter and already Temporary Protected Status has been taken away from Salvadorians, Haitians, and now Hondurans. The groups are now provided with 18 months to gain the legal right to reside in the country or before to leave the United States.


Despite warnings by the State Department that returning high volumes of immigrants to already troubled nations at once can work to destabilize these regions, it the position of the Trump administration that no threat remains in these immigrants’ countries of origin and it is safe for them to return.


Rex Tillerson, former Secretary of State, along with others, applied the pressure to former Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke to end TPS for Hondurans. The decision was under the sole jurisdiction of Duke and despite her individual protests, she would eventually succumb to the pressure. Elaine Duke recently stepped down from the position.


Democratic Senators penned letters to the Department of Homeland Security, as well as the United States Immigration Services on May 7. The letters were requests to the agencies to investigate discrepancies between internal documents that encouraged the renewal of TPS for Haitians and the actions taken on the part of the Trump Administration. An additional request was made by Democratic Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey to the United States Government Accountability Office to begin an independent investigation.


A recent report suggests that the move to withdraw TPS for certain groups along with the cancellation of the DACA program could affect the lives of as many as 1 million immigrants now in the country.

Sometimes Doctors Are At Fault For Addictive Opioid Use

It is safe to say that doctors do not want a patient to suffer needlessly, so they prescribe the necessary pain medication to ease discomforts. When a pain medication is found that makes the patient forget about the pain, then that is the medication that the doctor keeps prescribing. There has been much controversy in recent months about the prescribed use of opioid drugs. These drugs are used mostly for chronic pain, like the pain due to cancer or other disabling illness. The drugs are very addictive, but they may be the only medication that gets the desired results. At some point, the doctor has to be mindful of the length of time that a patient is on these drugs.

Prolonged use of anything is not always the best practice. There are many doctors who will write prescriptions just to appease the patients, even though it may not be best for them. In an update of a law suit filed in the Madison County, Alabama, the patient was given prescriptions for the addictive drug for no apparent reason. The family of Felicia Ann Kelly filed the law suit against Dr. Celia LLoyd Turney claiming that the doctor prescribed and dispensed many controlled substances which included opioids, and benzodiazepines to Ms. Kelly for medical purposes that were not legitimate. Your text to link…

This is not the only such case filed in the nation. In many instances, the over supply of drugs can not only lead to addiction, but the illegal sales of drugs on the streets. One has to wonder if this is not what was happening in this case. Some doctors are corrupt enough to delve into such an idea. The patient does the selling and get all of the drugs that they want, and the doctor gets the majority of the kick back from it. This is a horrible situation to even think about, but it does happen.

Anil Chaturvedi and His Superb Banking Experience That Shaped Hinduja Bank Switzerland

There are many challenges and adversities that confront Anil Chaturvedi as a seasoned banker for private banking needs of his clients, and it’s inspiring to know that he’s able to perform all his roles with excellent results and an impressive level of reliability. One of the biggest achievements right now under the name of Anil Chaturvedi is the fact that he’s the Managing Director in Private Banking for the well-established bank Hinduja Bank Switzerland.

With the leadership of Anil Chaturvedi, Hinduja Bank Switzerland has built a consistent, reliable and impressive record in delivering business results that satisfy any client’s specific banking need. In fact, without Mr. Anil’s leadership, it may be hard or unlikely for Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) Ltd to arrive at its leading position in the world of private banking, investments, and business consultancy.

The Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) Ltd is a finance company that was established and founded last 1978, and it is a bank regulated by the Swiss in 1994. Its main headquarters is in Geneva, with its network of banks to be found in Switzerland, Zurich, , and Basle. There are also networks of the bank to be found in London, Paris and New York. The strengths of the company include advising expertise for mergers, acquisitions and emerging markets.

We should also cite here that Mr Anil’s work for the bank may have led the company to be considered as a reliable source for many of the developments in global finance. In a report from the official website of Hinduja Bank, we can even read the expert assessment they have over various important events in the world of banking, including the performance of Tata Teleservices, Tata Group, and the global publishing firm Pearson.

It is also relevant to include here that the leadership Anil Chaturvedi offers for the bank may be rooted in the formative education he had from Meerut University in 1971, a prime university in India. Secondly, we could say here that the Masters Education that he had at the Delhi School of Economics is also the reason why his expertise is always sought by many different companies today.


Jeunesse Global Day-to-Day Beauty Regimen

Start your day off the right way with AM Essentials, a powerful daytime supplement containing important vitamins and minerals. This supplement contains proprietary blends that give your body and mind the necessary tools for clarity and focus. PM Essentials offers proprietary blends, minerals and vitamins that work together to help your body recover from the day, so you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. AM & PM Essentials work together to help maintain a healthy immune system, regulate your body’s biorhythm for enhanced sleep, assist with proper cell function and help protect against free radical damage.

M1ND, which is inspired by Eastern medicine, is a dietary supplement. It contains CERA-Q—designed to enhance memory—and L-theanine, which may assist with reducing mental distractions. Whether you’re focused on your career, education or want better cognitive function in day-to-day life, this supplement may help you remember names and important information, enhance your attention span, increase clarity of thought and allow you to concentrate more readily.

Improve your appearance in minutes with Instantly Ageless. This product reduces the appearance of fine lines, under-eye bags, wrinkles and pores in only two minutes. The results last for six to nine hours, allowing you to look your very best while at work or socializing. Using a specially designed micro cream, this product focuses on areas with lost elasticity and reveals toned, lifted skin with results that you can see quickly. For the best results, apply this product to your forehead, eyebrows, below your eyebrows and on your facial pores.

For the ultimate in mind and body rejuvenation, the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) contains the previously mentioned products, along with six more products.

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis created Jeunesse with the goal of spreading high-quality youth enhancement products with the world. The company began on 09/09/2009 at 9:00 p.m., as the number nine represents longevity and the founders’ desire to excel. By creating an innovative compensation plan, Jeunesse utilizes the power of the direct selling industry to help spread its products, along with providing support and training. The company’s goal is to make a lasting change in people’s lives, and currently, thousands of people are working together across the globe to help others while reaching their full potential.


Lawsuit Filed By Apprentice Contestant Against Trump Will Remain Active

A state appeals court in New York has decided not to honor a bid by the United States President Donald Trump to put an end to a lawsuit for defamation by a contestant that once appeared on his hit TV reality show, The Apprentice. The contestant, who is female, has accused Trump of making unwanted sexual advances toward her.

The appellate division in Manhattan gave no explanation of its decision not to stop Summer Zervos’ lawsuit but the California restauranteur will indeed be allowed by the court to go forward with the action.

Trump has made the argument that he is legally exempted from private conduct lawsuits that predate his becoming president. State Supreme Court Judge, Jennifer Schecter, ruled against the Trump argument and this is the issue behind the president’s appeal.

Zervos appeared on the television show with Trump in 2005 and has reported being kissed without her permission at a location in New York during a 2007 meeting and groped her while alone in a hotel in Beverly Hills.

Zervos came forward with her story in October 2016, following the release of an audio recording of the president appearing to boast about inappropriate sexual misconduct being perpetrated against women.

President Trump has apologized for the vulgar comments but has called the women that have come forward after the recording was made available to the public “liars.” The president also used Twitter to republish a post by another user that characterized Zervos’ claim as a hoax.

The basis of the Zervos lawsuit is the assertion that by Trump calling her a liar he has defamed her character. Zervos also says that she has been damaged by the loss of business to her restaurant as a result of this defamation.

The latest of a group of women who have said that President Trump has either behaved inappropriately or had an affair with them is adult film actress Stormy Daniels. Daniels received $130,000 as part of a past agreement to remain silent about sexual encounters with the president but is now looking to have the agreement ended.

California Judge Blocks Assisted Suicide Law

Xavier Becerra, the Attorney General of California made a Wednesday announcement that his office will speed up the review process of Judge Daniel Ottolia’s decision to overturn a state law regarding physician-assisted suicides.

Judge Ottolia, seated in Riverside County Superior Court, did not offer an opinion on the legality of the law that allows individuals who have been given less than six months to live can obtain drugs from a qualified physician to end their lives. Judge Ottolia ruled instead that the law should not have been passed while lawmakers were in a special session to discuss health care funding.

California was the fifth state in the nation to legalize what is known as a “right to die” law and 111 patients have utilized the option since the law’s inception.

Judge Ottolia is extending the courtesy to the state of holding the judgment for a five day period in order to give time for the state to prepare and file a planned emergency appeal. Bacerra, who strongly disagrees with the ruling of Judge Otolia has stated definitively that the appeal will be filed.

The lead attorney for the collective of officials that filed a lawsuit in 2016 to halt physician-assisted suicides, Steven G, Larson, has expressed that he and his clients are extremely satisfied with the action taken by Judge Ottolia. Larson explained that the law itself was hurried along through the special session process and does not possess the safeguards that would normally be seen regarding a law of this nature.

Larson’s clients, along with other opponents of the physician-assisted suicide law, feel that the door has been opened for terminally ill patients to be coerced and abused.

This stance is in direct contradiction with what supporters of the law feel are accurate as they say that protections are in place that includes multiple examinations and a conclusive determination by a physician that the patient will succumb to their illness within a six month period.

New York City DJ Duo the Chainsmokers

At the Billboard Music Awards over the weekend, the band The Chainsmokers gave an award for the Top 100 songs to the Swedish DJ, Avicii. The Billboard music awards took place in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Grand Garden arena. The Chainsmokers made a speech saying this person was a big inspiration to the EDM community. Further saying Avicii was a kind and caring guy to work with. Later on during the show The Chainsmokers mentioned Avicii again, while announcing the award for the Top Dance and Electronic act. In fact that particular award was dedicated to Avicii. Avicii is loved and missed by many.

Avicii passed away back in April at the young age of 28. It was later released that the reason for his death was apparent suicide. Avicii biological name was Tim Bergling and he has music that may still be released at a later time.

During the award show, host Kelly Clarkson mentioned the victims of the Santa Fe High school shooting in Texas. Stating that a change needs to be made to prevent other shootings in the future.

The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers is a DJ duo group from New York City, made up of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Their first single “Selfie” made the top 20 in many different countries throughout the world. In the beginning the duo included Alex Pall and DJ Rhett Bixler. Later on in 2012, this group was re-invented by Adam Alpert. This is when Alex Pall was introduced to Andrew Taggart. In 2013 they released their single “Selfie” for free in late 2013. The duo had their first live performance during fall of 2014. The song “Selfie” was picked up by Dim Mak records and later redone by Republic records. Eventually they decided to sign with Disruptor records.