Ross Abelow Launches GoFundMe

Ross Abelow, a lawyer who takes on cases that are related to family and relationships, has started a GoFundMe campaign for stray animals. He has started the campaign with a goal of $5000 in order to provide animal shelters with the resources to take care of homeless animals. New York City is an especially good place to provide shelter to homeless animals since the weather has dropped down to record lows. This puts the animals in danger of freezing to death. Ross Abelow has seen the potential danger that the homeless animals are in which is why he has launched his campaign in order to make sure that the animals are cared for.

Ross Abelow as a lawyer deals with family and relationship issues. He handles divorce and other matrimonial issues. His passion is to help members of the family come to an agreement that is good for everyone in the family. He is someone that can be trusted for these situations.

Hiring a lawyer like Ross Abelow is one thing that is helpful because he is one of the lawyers that has shown that he is passionate about making sure the right outcome for the case is achieved. One thing that Abelow is good about is making sure that he presents cases before the judge in an ethical manner. He cares more that people who are at a disadvantage are cared for. He especially has a care for animals that are lacking shelter and are starving. He runs fundraiser campaigns in order to make sure that certain societal issues like shelter and food are addressed.

Ross Abelaw is also involved in commercial litigation and entertainment law. He has a diversity of interests in presenting cases before a judge. He is also well versed in law and understands the meaning of different and often confusing aspects of the law.

Slyce Inc. Technological Advancements for 2015

The Slyce Link technology released recently on November 25th 2015 is Slyce’s answer to proprietary retail technology. Image recognition technology provides users with visual product recommendations when using the retailer platform. This technology is purposely built in order to enhance sales in e-commerce applications. The technology has proven difficult to make and has therefore been in the development phase for longer than a year. Finally November 2015 saw it released for beta testing which is being done by a major retail outlet that has provided the solution to its customers on a testing basis. The online purchasing journey for the customer is a highly complicated one and there are strategic points within that journey where certain product recommendations allow for added benefits. These added benefits are the reduction in people abandoning the purchase journey due to the fact that they have not found the specific item that they are searching for.

This will also increase sales as more products can be purchased by the customer. It is a similar principle to the isle we walk through when we leave the grocery store. Strategically most grocery stores funnel customers into an isle filled with snacks in order to get them to purchase something on the way out. This is the same for Slyce Link but on an online basis. This technology is available in Java Script code and native software development kits as well as functioning on both Android and iOS platforms. The integration process is very simple as with most of Slyce’s technology it can be embedded within the existing platform with the simple copying and pasting of code. As well as making the user interface completely customizable to the clients specifications. Ensuring data consistency there is a product feed processing mechanism, search logic that ensures data consistency as well as an image match engine all placed on the back end of the system.

Human Rights Foundation Seek To Publicize The Mistakes Made By Celebrities

The celebrity conscious world we live in often sees public appearances made by music, acting, and sports stars with government figures from around the globe. The Human Rights Foundation has recently used the appearances by global stars in closed societies to publicize the issues facing the people living under a strict regime; in the past, the group headed by film producer Thor Halvorssen has raised awareness of trips made at the request of dictators from around the world by rapper Nicki Minaj and soccer star Lionel Messi.

Thor Halvorssen has been a major force in the human rights community for a number of years, and formed his own Human Rights Foundation in 2005 to bring awareness to the problems facing people in the 21st century. Halvorssen has developed a successful career as a film producer in Hollywood, but also works with a number of groups to assist in promoting the human rights of those who have had them stripped away.

The work of Thor Halvorssen has not been limited to his role with the Human Rights Foundation, but has also seen the activist take a leadership role in assisting young people in taking their first steps into an activism role. Following the launch of the Human Rights Foundation the Venezuelan also launched the Oslo Freedom Forum and the Children’s Peace Movement. The Oslo Freedom Forum has proven a particular success for the University of Pennsylvania graduate since it has been attended by global activists with established and growing reputations.

Thor Halvorssen has looked to use his position within the media to make people aware of the missteps taken by a number of celebrities; the film producer has written open letters to stars calling upon them to change their travel plans to known closed societies. A Christmas performance by Nicki Minaj in Angola is perhaps the best known event in the history of the Human Rights Foundation because of the stance the charity took over her performance for a well known dictator.

Dick DeVos Shares His Sailing Expertise with Youth Sailor in Competition

Dick DeVos, former President and CEO of Amway and one of the richest men internationally participated in the 2016 Melges Gold Cup Sailing Competition. The competitive event was held in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and hosted by Lauderdale Yacht Club. Spectators were excited about the second day race and looking forward to the three races that were added to the competition. DeVos was leader of the scoreboard by one point of the second day competition. The Lauderdale Yacht Club Foundation made the event really special by allowing youth sailors to join the competitors during the race.

Mr. DeVos is known internationally as an entrepreneur, business leader and humanitarian. From the mid-1970s through mid-1980s, Dick worked for Amway and later returned to the company in 1991 as the President and CEO (learn more about Dick’s time at Amway here: In between time off working at Amway, the businessman was Chief Executive Officer for the Orlando Magic Basketball Franchise (New Netherland Institute profile). Presently, DeVos is very much involved in the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation and co-chairman of Grand Action. Dick is also a board member of West Michigan Aviation Academy, Spectrum Health System and Willow Creek Association.
Over the years, Dick has contributed time to help young children and millions of dollars to non-profit organizations for education, arts, and healthcare. Among those organizations are Kids Hope USA, Potter’s House, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, and Education Freedom Fund. He has also given to various political campaigns, candidates and causes and was even famously referenced in an episode of House of Cards (read Dick’s thoughts here on
The two-time national champion sailor successfully rose to first place day two of the 2016 Melges Gold Cup Sailing Competition. The learning experience Dick DeVos shared with the youth sailor is something that will remembered for years to come.  The Lauderdale Yacht Club Foundation made this event possible for young sailors to participate in the grand prix sailing competition.

Congratulations to the recent Melges 32 Gold Cup participants and winners—what a thrilling race against incredibly talented sailors!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, February 15, 2016

Herb-infused Coffee Blends Keep Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold in the Spotlight

Most coffee aficionados are pretty confident in the belief that there is nothing better than their favorite brew. The morning cup, or pot, of coffee is a necessity to these drinkers, who would never consider replacing it with anything else. What if, however, rather than replacing their coffee, they could simply improve it?

That is the goal of the new creation by Organo Gold. By infusing an ancient herb with their coffee they have created a blend that has all of the benefits and flavor of a traditional cup, but with the potential added bonus of protecting the immune system, reducing stress and possibly helping to prevent some forms of cancer.

The herb is a Chinese medicinal powerhouse known as Ganoderma Lucidum. It is referred to as the “King of the Herbs,” and studies have shown it to have many beneficial medicinal properties. In order to make it convenient and delicious, the company has created instant packets of several different flavors that require only hot water to prepare.

Organa Gold founder and CEO, Bernado T Chua, began his company in 2008 with the belief that people wanted more from their daily healthy drink. His vision was to create coffee blends that would look, smell and taste like a traditional gourmet coffee, but include the healthy benefit of other trusted natural herbs and supplements.

The products are now sold in 35 countries around world, Bernardo notes having just opened to Turkey, but no place finds them more exciting than Chua’s native Philippines. The country has been so impressed by the products and success of this company, they have presented Chua with numerous awards. His company continues to grow and thrive and currently ranks 55th on the top 100 network marketing companies in the world.

Where Luxury Meets Comfort, Manse on Marsh

Manse on Marsh is a luxurious and comfortable assisted living home for the elderly. It offers a variety of services in its good architecturally planned and designed facility. The Manse on Marsh is driven by the by the spirit and dedication of being the best center for their clients and make them enjoy their time with them. Their management team is made up of very experienced professionals who are build up in the foundation of always being there for their clients to serve them. The management team has good ethics and customer service in relation to the market standards.

Manse on Marsh offers an activity filled platform for those clients who would love to meet new people. In the facility, there is an open interactive area fitted with seats and barbecue ovens where one can have a good time while making barbecue. The facility also has a state of the art movie theater where one can enjoy their youthful movies with their friends. There are also games like badminton and chess available for the clients.

Manse on Marsh is also health minded. The facility offers a fully equipped gymnasium. In this gymnasium, its clients can participate in healthy exercises especially for those in need if regular training. The health professional staff in the gym are very friendly and are dedicated to their work. Another area Manse on Marsh puts emphasis on is the diet for its clients. As most of it clients are the elderly, their bodies need to be on a proper diet. The facility has some of the best nutritionist and chefs in the industry. Its clients have an option of with cooking for themselves or taking meals prepared by the facility.

When it comes to accommodation, the blog would indicate that Manse on Marsh offers two bedrooms, one bedroom, studio and group living options. Anyone can access any of the options they are comfortable paying for. The two bedroom, one bedroom, and studio apartments have an advantage of having their kitchenette. This gives the clients a chance to receive their personal chefs. This housing options also give the owners the liberty to invite their families over for the night.

For the visitors, Manse on Marsh offers a very ample parking and a welcoming environment. Visitors are allowed to see their family anytime they feel like. They can also spend the night with their loved ones.

Manse on Marsh seeks to bring a new perspective to the senior assisted living industry by setting an example for others to follow. This is actually among the best senior living centers in America.  Follow the Manse on Twitter.

Kyle Bass – Motivated By A Lust of Profit

At one point in time Kyle Bass was known as the Wunderkind of the hedge-fund industry. He made a lot of very smart moves that made him a lot of money. So why then, a man that can clearly make all the money he wants in the right manner, is he starting to stoop so low all in the name of profit?

That’s an interesting question and hopefully we can shed a little light on the situation. But first, a quick back story about the man known as Kyle Bass.

In 2006 Bass started Hayman Capital Management based out of Dallas. Not only did he start a great company that year, but he also made headlines all over the world when he predicted the subprime mortgage crisis.

For a while people viewed this guy as a superstar. They held him in high regard and felt as though he could do no wrong.

But as time went on, things started to change. He has made numerous media appearances and has given bad advice in just about all of them. In 2014 his funds lost around 30%. That’s quite scary when you consider some of the industry’s best-performing hedge fund managers were making a profit during that same time.

To say Kyle Bass had a tough year is an understatement. He was quoted as saying, It’s nice to win all of the time. When you are not winning and everyone else is, it makes life difficult.”

This might explain why Bass came up with a scheme so vile, the U.S. government had to step in and try to stop it. Bass was exploiting a loophole that made it legal for him to short sell the stocks of pharmaceutical firms and make millions in the process.

The problem is every time he did this, prices on certain medications would skyrocket. When this happened, people who relied on those medications were no longer able to afford them. Sadly, many of them died as a result.

When asked about his sleazy scheme, Bass said he was doing it to help make drug prices more affordable. We all know that isn’t true. And according to intellectual-property expert Scott McKeown, Bass was trying to spook financial markets for his own gain.


Queen of Hearts

From behind the scenes to in front of the cameras, Queens Of Drama featured an all-star and all-female cast and crew. Tapping into “girl” power and taking charge, Pop was pleased to give fans an fresh perspective of these daytime divas, which debuted immediately after Pop’s live broadcast of the Daytime Emmys.

Queens of Drama was a 10-episode steamy new television series that featured Crystal Hunt (Guiding Light and One Life to Live), Lindsay Hartley (All my Children and Days of Our Lives), Vanessa Marcil (General Hospital and Passions) and Hunter Tylo (Bold and the Beautiful). In addition, special guest appearances included Donna Mills from Knots Landing and Melrose Place.

Crystal Hunt took center stage as herself on Queen of Drama. For nine episodes, she didn’t fail to captivate her audience as she always does. The ever-so-catty relationship between Ms. Hunt and her co-star Lindsay Hartley opened up a floodgate of memories when it comes to the soap opera showdowns. The star-studded cast of soap opera divas delights all who have seen this comedy-drama. It’s been rated day and night soap drama at it’s finest. And how couldn’t it be? In between Joan Collins and and Crystal Hunt, the lineup is pretty impressive.

Born on February 5, 1985, Crystal Hunt is best known for her role as Lizzie Spaulding, the troubled daughter of Philip Spaudling and Beth Raines on The Guiding Light from 2003 until 2006. She was nominated for Outstanding Young Actress in a drama series for her role in 2005.

Since branching out in new directions, joined the cast of One Life to Live in 2009 as Stacy Morasco. In 2012, she decided to take yet another direction and pursue her dream of producing. In 2015, Hunt worked as the executive producer on Talbot County. In addition, she has starred in several motion pictures including The Derby Stallion and Sydney White.

In addition her executive production responsibilities in 2015, Hunt took to the big screen and starred in the American comedy-drama Magic Mike XXL, which grossed over $122 million in the box office according to IMDb.

in her spare time, Ms Hunt pursues her love of animals, and posts to Instagram for her fans. In her hometown of Clearwater, Florida, she opened a luxury boutique for pets, rightly named, My Pets Dream Boutique.