Siteline Cabinetry the Premium Solution for Quality Designs

Siteline cabinetry is a unique brand specializing in cabinet designs. Their products are built in styles to fit any interior setup including bathrooms, offices, and kitchens. Its products are prioritized for quality, durability, value pricing and design customization.


Siteline products are based on clients order description. Most of its products are built of solid wood, veneers, and particleboards.Cabinets range in design from traditional to contemporary.

The brand offers a wide range of finishing options. It provides a finishing variety of stains, laminates, paints, and wraps. Clients are not also limited to choices in terms of color preference, wood species, and drawers. In addition, it offers a multiple choice of door styles.


The brand manufactures its products in America. The main reason towards settling in this area was the presence of experienced workers. Production of quality products is enhanced by the use of the latest manufacturing machines. This enhances the safety of staff members and workers. It also fastens the production and ordering system as the process is fully computerized.


In most occasions, Siteline products are used in finishing and remodeling projects. The company is well organized to handle these tasks within a short period of time. This is dependant on the high qualification of its staff. The company is flexible enough to deliver its products in long lead times within a short time of 28 – 35 days.

Siteline provides its clients with a limited lifetime warranty guarantee. It fixes and replaces defective products. This offer is enjoyed by the original owner.

The company does not sell directly to the public. It sells exclusively to businesses specializing in design such as construction, designers, and home remodelers. The products can then be customized from the resellers in terms of appearances and functionality.

Siteline Cabinetry also gives you design solutions to your storage areas. This cabinetry transformation can extend to your closet and laundry space. Siteline, therefore, gives you a style that reflects your personality and taste in terms of color, texture and finish design. This in response makes your space aesthetically pleasing.

Therefore, as the world revolutionalizes, Siteline cabinetry helps you keep up with the trends. It has its largest inspiration from nature. In response, it produces nature-inspired colors and finishes with a sense of comfort and serenity.

Labor Unions Fight New Supreme Court Law

As the economy continues to change, many people want new protections offered by labor unions. In many industries, automation has played a major role in taking away the jobs of numerous people. As a result, there are millions of people who have to find work in other industries.

Labor unions help protect workers in various ways. Not only do labor unions fight for the rights of workers, but they also provide an organized support system for members. In a recent announcement, the Supreme Court proclaimed that it would uphold a law that is not favorable to labor unions. This was disappointing news to many workers. However, labor unions across the country have decided to fight this case.

Labor Union Trends

Over the past few years, the amount of people in labor unions has decreased. As more jobs in the manufacturing industry go other places, fewer people are involved in labor unions. The power of labor unions has also declined in recent years.

This is starting to change with additional automation in various industry. There are new industries impacted that were not affected in the past. For example, many people in the accounting industry are changing jobs due to new technology. There are software programs that can take the place of some accounting positions. This is just one example of the impact of new technology on the economy.

Fighting the Ruling

One positive aspect about labor unions is that these groups of people have a ton of money to use in support of a cause. Each person who is involved in a union has to pay money each year as dues. Some unions have millions of dollars to use in support of a cause. Although the recent Supreme Court ruling was a disappointment, many people are hopeful for changes in the coming years.

Tesla Goes To Bat in Wisconsin

Tesla, an electric vehicle company based in Palo Alto, California, has been trying to expand its presence across the United States. It has established stores in over 20 states but has been experiencing difficulty expanding into Wisconsin.

As it’s currently written, the law in Wisconsin does not allow automakers from operating and/or controlling a dealership. That means that dealerships have to be independently owned and operated.

Tesla is known for its innovative products, and now its unique business methods are coming into the spotlight. Instead of allowing individuals or groups to buy a franchise, it prefers to retain control over its stores.

Since driving a Tesla is drastically different than driving a traditional vehicle, the top brass at Tesla wants to make sure that the company has direct contact with its potential customers. When people stop by a Tesla store, they’re greeted by Tesla employees armed with well-researched information about electric cars and how they work.

Tesla claims that if dealers were to sell their vehicles, customers wouldn’t be given the same experience. The time it takes to truly understand their vehicles and to teach others is often prohibitive when a dealer has a bottom line to meet and other vehicles that are primed and ready to be driven off the lot.

Some Republican lawmakers have joined forces on behalf of Tesla to sponsor a bill that would exempt Tesla from the current law. They feel that their state should be welcoming in such a successful company in the spirit of a free market. Tesla officials took their arguments to the state legislature on Tuesday, and debates are expected to continue.

Opponents, including the Wisconsin Automobile and Truck Dealers Association, feel that the amendment to the law would create unfair trade practices and harm independently owned dealerships that have already been established.

Why End Citizens United Is Backing Congressional Candidate Conor Lamb

     There is an open US congressional seat in Pennsylvania’s 18th district. The special election will be held on March 13th and the two political candidates for it are a Democrat, Conor Lamb, and a Republican, Rick Saccone. The seat is up for grabs because the previous occupant, Republican Tim Murphy, had to resign. He had been one of the strongest advocates for bans on abortion in Congress but that story fell apart when it turned out he was carrying on an affair unbeknownst to his wife and urged the woman involved to have an abortion after he got her pregnant.

Conor Lamb is a strong candidate, although he is running in a district that has voted Republican for many years. He is 33 years old and has served in the Marines and has also been an assistant United States attorney. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee hasn’t supported him that well, though, but they did buy $224,000 worth of television ads to support his candidacy. The hope is that this funding will prompt other big donors to start contributing larger amounts to this race.

One of the bigger national political action committees to endorse Conor Lamb is End Citizens United. They back politicians who support campaign finance reform that will reduce the amount big corporations and PACS organized by the richest 1% can spend on any political campaign. Conor Lamb has pledged to support this cause which led to End Citizens United endorsing him.

Conor Lamb has been enthusiastically supported by labor unions in his district and his speaking events have drawn huge crowds. There is a high level of Democratic enthusiasm this election cycle because they are hoping to stop Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell’s gameplan of destroying the middle and lower classes so that the rich can get the vast majority of the benefit in regards to paying lower taxes.

End Citizens United came about when the U.S. Supreme Court made a ruling that corporations and people could spend as much as they desire on political races. This has undermined the country because many politicians are now completely beholden to these sources of their money. End Citizens United wants to put in office politicians who will put in place sensible campaign finance reform with the goal of ultimately introducing a constitutional amendment that enshrines what any one entity can give to politicians in an effort to buy them off.

Please read “End Citizens United PAC wants to make its name a reality” too for more.


Stream Energy And The Gradual Death Of Coal

For the longest time, coal was a primary source of energy for this, that, and everything else in the United States – as well as the world, at large. The reason why coal has been used in so many applications such long periods of time is because it packs more of a punch than just about any other fuel. Some fuels are better – today, there are plenty; of yesteryear, people didn’t have many fuel sources to choose from – but coal is cheap and readily available.


In recent years, coal began phasing out of use as the primary source of energy in the United States of America. Statistics indicate that coal was used for about half of America’s total energy production as recently as 2005. In 2016, thankfully, coal accounted for no more than 35 percent of all energy production in the United States.


As time marches onwards through 2018, coal is being used less frequently, as the world turns to renewable sources of energy that don’t harm the environment, or at least not as nearly as much as coal and its petrochemical counterparts have been scientifically shown to do.


Several coal mining conglomerates failed in 2015. The list is topped with giants Walter Energy, Patriot Coal, and Alpha Natural Resources – they all filed for bankruptcy and went out of business. Arch Coal did the same in 2016.


2017 brought the bankruptcy of Peabody Energy Corporation. Although this company is still in operation, it hasn’t been performing as nearly as well as it could have been. Peabody Energy Corporation was forced to shut down its Navajo Generating Station, which was the largest power plant, period, in the United States, at least west of the Mississippi River.


All considered, more than 200 power plants that use coal have been forced to shut down since the turn of the millennium. This is great news for the environment, and for Stream Energy, as well. Read This Article for more information.


Stream Energy is a contractor that links customers with renewable energy sources. Stream takes its home in Dallas, Texas. The company gets new customers through its direct selling endeavors, with independent contractors that bring business to Stream Energy.


Stream also likes to give back to the community. Stream Energy also provide hope to those in need by supporting our communities and local charities through Stream Cares and the Stream Cares Foundation.


Judge in Nassar Sentencing Considers Supreme Court Run

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina says that Larry Nassar’s sentencing isn’t about her. However, that hasn’t stopped her from publicly announcing that she’s considering a run for Michigan Supreme court. Aquilina says it’s Michigan Democrats that approached her about the run. Aquilina is a graduate of Cooley Law School and an Ingham County Circuit Court judge.

Aquilina presided over the sentence of gymnastics doctor and sexual offender Larry Nassar. Nassar worked as the volunteer doctor for the women’s national gymnastics team from 1996 to 2015. Nassar received sentences from the federal and Michigan state courts that amount to more than a life sentence for the sexual abuse of hundreds of girls and women.

The presiding judge allowed the audience to clap after each victim delivered their victim impact statement at the Nassar sentencing. Although Nassar objected to what he called a media circus, Aquilina allowed the family members of victims to also make statements. The sentencing hearing extended into a second week as more than 100 victims and their family members made statements to the court.

Aquilina says that she would enjoy working as a Supreme Court justice. She notes that judges of the Supreme Court spend more time listening to arguments from other lawyers than they spend listening to victims. She says that she enjoys her current elected position and she would have to think about whether she truly wants to make the change.

Others are critical of the way that Aquilina conducted the sentencing. They said that she shouldn’t have made comments during the sentencing hearing that indicated bias. They say that it was inappropriate for Aquilina to take pride in signing what she called Nassar’s “death warrant.” She also seemed gleeful at the thought that Nassar may be abused in prison. Some say Aquilina’s conduct opened the case up for grounds for Nassar’s appeal.

Sahm Adrangi Initiates New Short Selling Attack on Prothena

Investor Sahm Adrangi is making another bet against another potentially shoddy drug, this time it’s Prothena’s NEOD001. Prothena’s drug, which is entering final testing, was designed to treat a bone marrow disorder that causes patients to produce antibodies that cannot be broken down, AL amyloidosis which can affect multiple body systems. The disease has no foreseeable cure and is currently treated with forms of chemotherapy. According to Sahm Adrangi’s research, the initial testing’s results were exaggerated to show success when in actuality it could be explained by random responses from the complicated disease.


After he went public with his research through various outlets, Prothena’s stock dropped by 8% with a further drop expected upon conclusion of Phase III testing. This comes right on the heels of 2 other drugs, Bavarian Nordic’s Prostvac and Sage Therapeutics brexanolone, being found essentially useless years after Sahm Adrangi predicted their failure in late-stage testing.


While betting against a potentially life-changing drug may seem strange at first, Adrangi maintains that these companies were aware of their ineffectivity well before final testing but continued to push them to draw investors. They did this by allegedly misrepresenting the findings and using too small of testing pools. Sahm Adrangi is known as an activist investor, a new type of investor that uses their own personal values to determine their actions on the stock market. Instead of investing into companies he deems worthwhile, he uses a technique known as short selling.


Short selling, or shorting, is when an investor borrows shares from a company they expect to fail while the price is high, selling immediately, and then rebuying them at a lower price and returning the company. This allows Sahm Adrangi to keep the difference and make a profit. While the technique is risky and looked down upon some, the hedge funder has taken down several dishonest and outright fraudulent multi-million-dollar companies. Read This Article for more information.


Sahm Adrangi is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC, a boutique investment firm in New York. The Iranian immigrant graduated from Yale University in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a desire for change in the unfair trading policies of the stock market.


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Glute Specialist Dr. Mark Mofid

When you think about plastic surgery the issue of safety rarely comes up. You may hear or read a news headline reporting on a medical accident or malpractice, but you rarely hear of ways to prevent such incidents. Gluteal Augmentation procedures are especially known to be vulnerable to malpractice and glute specialist Dr. Mark Mofid is on the forefront of developing ways to change things for the better.


Dr. Mofid graduated from Harvard University Magna Cum Laude for his undergrad degree and then continued to complete his medical degree. His concentration was on surgery, plastic surgery and craniofacial (skull and face) research. He spent part of his education under fellowship at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.


Dr. Mark Moffid is well qualified to speak on all things concerning the cosmetic medical community. Without speaking on his educational background his innovation in the field is proof enough that he knows what he is talking about. He often lets his reputation speak for itself. One of the things he has gained a strong reputation for his ability to adhere to medical safety practices no matter the situation. Many surgeons will look the other way on unsafe practices for a larger pay. Especially when it comes to gluteal augmentation as patients routinely ask for larger implants. This is where Dr. Mark Mofid’s discipline is really on display as he refuses to participate in malpractice despite the amount of money a patient is willing to pay. If you are a patient who wants the doctor to be completely transparent with you regarding your procedure Dr. Mofid is a wise choice. Read This Article for more information.


Dr. Mark Mofid has seemingly mastered the art of performing minimally invasive procedures. He is able to do this because of his use of the latest available technology and equipment. His providing of minimally invasive options means patients need less recovery time and are in less pain altogether. He is also a pioneer in regard to butt implant surgery. His design of a gluteal implant for Implantech revolutionized the industry. In the past implants were easier to spot because they were less conspicuous. Now, thanks to Mark Mofid, they are harder to spot because they look more natural.


Making Your Own Money with Market America

Market America is a wonderful opportunity for those who would like to be able to make money from the comfort of their own home. The issue that a lot of people have is that they do not want to get stuck in a job that is not going to pay them well or is going to be a problem for their overall career needs and potential. This is why Market is different from so many of the others that you might have tried in the past. In order for you to make use of Market America, you’re going to want to visit their site and see about getting started for yourself.


Market America can be found on social media sites like Twitter, and you will notice by their recent tweets that they are dedicated to helping people get back on track as far as their careers are concerned. With Market America, you can be your own business person in a matter of just hours. This means that you can make your own money without the issues that come along with trying to do this on your own. Once you begin to see what this company can and will do for you, you will know why their tweets are all about financial freedom and the ability to work when and where you want to. Read This Article for more information.


The next time you’re looking to make money from your own home but are unsure of how to get started, it is a good idea for you to make use of this company. Market America is a great choice for when you need to be able to get this started and know that it is something different that is sure to bring in the money for you and your loved ones without it costing you a ton of money. The most important thing to remember is that this company is a great choice for all types of people, so you won’t need a ton of experience in order to get started and be making a ton of money without worrying that you’re having to spend a lot.


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More American Workers Facing Employment Arbitration

The right of American workers to take their employers to court has in recent years been seriously challenged and even denied. This is directly related to the increasing use of arbitration in settling employment disputes.
The right to sue an employer for discrimination, harassment or various other reasons has long been a vital element of the American justice system. Less than 30 years ago, 98 percent of the Americans who worked without union representation had the right to redress for grievances, which is guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. According to one estimate, more than half of the nonunion workers in the United States are currently covered under the principle of arbitration. This change is largely attributable to rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court. More about the issue of arbitration is available at
Direct arbitration was originally used in settling disputes between commercial interests. In individual employment issues, this policy offers some of the same advantages as when used by businesses. Arbitration is generally less complicated and less costly than court action, and cases can usually be resolved in a shorter period of time. However, the damages awarded to plaintiffs are generally smaller than in cases adjudicated in civil courts. Additionally, employees may not be aware of the restrictions that may be involved, including a clause that requires complete confidentiality on their part after they take action against their employers.
Other restrictions have been recommended or imposed, with a new federal law prohibiting class action lawsuits in consumer contracts that are governed under the rules of arbitration. On the other hand, some members of the U.S. Congress have proposed a measure that would prohibit the use of arbitration in personal harassment cases. In the end, the issue comes down to whether Americans will be able to exert their constitutional rights.