The Near Future of Protecting Organizations’ Data

Since businesses started uptake of information technology in their day-to-day running, their information has increasing required protecting from cybercriminals eager to spill it in the open web. It has required the use of a password to secure these organizations’ data, which has proved an inadequate measure of protecting this information. It has become paramount to

Google’s project Abacus is an example of security professionals’ work on enhanced authentication methods. Their efforts have focused on a combination of techniques that have favored the use of biometric technologies as the alternative. Biometrics comes in both behavioral and physiological characteristics. Behavioral biometrics, for instance, hand tremor and navigation patterns, does not meet the optimal requirements unique authentication. Complementing these biometrics with physiological biometrics such as fingerprints, voice, and iris pattern recognition seem to provide the best combination authentication.

According to ONeLogin , While in the research spheres the identity and access methods work well, testing these techniques in other environs such as the businesses is yet to happen. This authentication comes with foreseeable challenges. Among them are the associated costs. Not all companies can provide every employee with biometrics reader. Organizations will also battle with whether to biometric readers with every gadget, which may significantly add to their costs. Secondly, cyber crooks have proved their ability to fake fingerprints posing a puzzle to companies on the right authentication combination to use. In addition, all forms of wear and tear including cuts, blisters, and burns may unfairly limit users’ access owing to the sensitive nature of authentication.

Biometrics, physiological- and to some extent behavioral, uniquely identify an individual and could be classified as personal data. The challenge posed to security professionals is the limited options that exist when biometrics are compromised. This is because biometrics is not something you simply change. They are you.

Biometric authentication is the future of businesses as many continue considering. Companies are further called to understand differences in biometric is proposed that the best approach is to have developers deliver on user-friendly technologies that balance both the use of passwords and biometric authentication.

Anthony Petrello contributes towards noble initiative for children

Anthony Petrello is a business executive in the United States. He is also a great philanthropist who has contributed a lot to the setting up of the first neurological research center for Children suffering from neurological disorders. He is the current chief executive officer of a company known as Nabors industries. This is the biggest drilling firm in the world. It specializes in drilling oil and natural gases. Anthony Petrello has played a huge role in the development of this mining giant. He has been the driving force that the company has been looking for in a long time. Since it was started in 1962, it has never recorded success like it has done in the recent years.

Anthony Petrello has been a great philanthropist. Since the birth of his daughter he his life has taken a turn that he never anticipated. He is leading in efforts to eradicate neurological diseases by supporting efforts aimed at coming up with a research center that will research medical treatment of the neurological diseases suffered by children. In his efforts to support this initiative, he has contributed over $5 million which is intended to go to the development of the research center. Anthony Petrello hopes that the pain that these little children go through will be eliminated by doctors coming up with methodologies for treating these disease.

Anthony Petrello’s daughter known as Carena was born with a health condition. Her brain could not receive enough oxygen. This led to the failure of her body and a further condition known as cerebral palsy. This is a condition that made her unable to do any task that requires motion. She has to be taught how to do the most basic body functions such as eating, walking and chewing. It has taken her about 7 years to finally learn how to do some of these tasks.

Her condition disturbed Anthony Petrello very much. He had to move around the world looking for medical treatment for her daughter. He has been to almost any big hospital in the world and has never been able to solve the problems that her daughter has. He realized that the world was suffering from lack of research in the neurological medical field for young children. He decided to make a change by supporting the development of the first research center. The research center is located in Texas Children hospital. It has recruited top doctors and surgeons who will come up with a solution for all the problems related to children neurological disorders.

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Samuel Strauch As An Extraordinaire Real Estate Investor In Miami

Ever heard of Samuel Strauch? He is precious and magnificent real estate investor in great South Miami which is part of Florida and a few parts of Latin America. Samuel Strauch is prominent for being super active in several restaurants as well as internet business in conjunction with a couple of side ventures.

Samuel Strauch was once quoted saying that Life is a lesson and whatever path we take is an essential part of our growth. Samuel Strauch is 38 years old. He is an astonishing photographer and an art fanatic. He owns a collection of fantastic art and photographs. In addition to this, he used to visit various auctions to see the excellent pieces of art and hold a conversion about them.

Success is not easily attained whenever establishing a business enterprise and making it hit the market. Samuel Strauch started from the scratch. He also had to pursue his degree to accomplish his dream in the business sector. Samuel Strauch attained his B.A in International Business from Hofstra University where he studied from 1991 to 1994. He was an exceptionally persistent and smart student in school. He always used to ask questions whenever he got stuck or confused since he wanted to attain the best grade in every subject that he got enrolled in. He would always indulge in class discussions which played a significant role in instilling him with new and latest t skills, for instance, note taking and addressing people.

Having gained such new and powerful skills in college, he decided to proceed with education as he believed that education meant everything in this world He proceeded to Erasmus University Rotterdam to pursue B.A in International Finance and marketing. This helped him to extend his skills so much that he managed to join Harvard University to pursue B.A in Executive Education based on Real Estate in conjunction to Capital Markets. His first job was banking, but he instantly decided to start his real estate enterprise in the year 2022 and named it Metrik Real estate. He successfully attained many clients from earlier years in college as well as internships. His venture exhibited the required actions of procurement, management, development as well as equity sourcing. His company finally managed to establish a project and made a successful representation to the entire world. This act excluded him from a pool of investors, and he stands a successful businessperson in real estate sector.

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Susan Mcgalla Channels Creative Side for Revamping Clothing Line

Susan Mcgalla has definitely become someone that people are paying attention to. She has become one of the most well-known people in the world of retail because she is so passionate about building brands.

Susan has definitely carved a path for herself as a very successful entrepreneur that knows how to build bridges for other women that want to start a career in marketing. Susan has become an expert when it comes to creating the type of platform that will give her access to high-level positions in the corporate world. She wants other women to be able to experience this type of corporate level growth as well. That is why she has become so popular at conferences.

Women listen when Susan Mcgalla speaks because she knows what she is talking about. She is familiar with the industry of marketing and corporate business strategies for retail clothing. She knows what works, and she is always taking the extra steps to build a career that will shine a light for other women that maybe inspired to go into marketing as well. It can be a difficult field to penetrate, but Susan knows the tactics that help women stand out as brand-building leaders. She has years of experience with a plethora of different companies. It has become evident that she is one of the people that makes marketing easier. She has been able to gain a high level of trust from companies that are trying to sell and market clothes to a diverse consumer group. This is definitely the case with the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is a very diverse fan base, and Susan Magalla was put in place as the creative director to revamp the clothing line. She has done an excellent job with this, and football fans are praising her revamping vigor.

Judge Turns Nasty Into Nice

Orders of protection often involve what are known as no contact provisions, but when Daren Young violated a no contact order, his punishment was somewhat extraordinary. The presiding judge ordered Young to write 140 “nice” things about his former girlfriend, without repetition. As per the Associated Press, Judge Rhonda Loo told Young that “for every nasty thing you said about her, you’re going to say a nice thing.”

In Hawaii, orders of protection are enforceable for a year. They can also be extended, and violators can be prosecuted criminally.

Young already knew about how harsh the law can be when somebody threatens, harasses, intimidates or otherwise interferes with the civil liberties of another person. He spent 157 days in jail for calling and texting his victim more than 140 times in about three hours after a “no contact” order was entered against him by his ex-girlfriend. Part of that probation order likely requires Young to remain free from alcohol and drugs. Random testing is usually required.

The 140 “nice” things were just part of Young’s sentence. He was put on two years of probation, and he was fined $2,400. Young is also required to perform 240 hours of community service. He is still not allowed to directly or indirectly contact his former girlfriend, and if he is found to have done so, his probation can be revoked, and he can be sentenced to additional jail or even state prison time on top of the 157 days that he has already served.

The 140 “nice” things part of Young’s sentence falls into a gray are of Hawaii’s laws involving violations of orders of protection. Everything else appears to be within both those laws and Loo’s sentencing discretion. The sentence might be permitted by law, but the handwriting is already on the wall unless a timely appeal is filed.

Doe Deere Shows What It Takes To Standout In A Crowd

Instagram leader and creator of Lime Crime, Doe Deere knows how to stand out in the crowd. Today if you want to be stylish and noticed, you have to really make a statement and Doe Deere does that with her products.

Doe is much more than just a pretty face to look at. She has everything it takes to successful in the business. She has learned from an early age that she wanted to work in art but she never knew what type of art she would be creating.

Self-Made Magazine awarded Doe the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneur for her line of cosmetics and revealed why she choose the brand of the cosmetics. For people who don’t know who Doe Deere is, she is a well-known makeup creator who has worked tirelessly to create a line of cosmetics that individuals who love bright colors could be proud of.

All of the cosmetics that Doe Deere and her company make are environmental friendly and animal cruelty free. The people who purchase her products are in love with the bright colors, the types of shimmer and shine found in the makeup and so much more.

Doe Deere grew up in Russia and when she was 17, Doe decided to make her way to New York. As she arrived in NYC, she learned that she wanted to do more than just makeup. Doe joined a band and quickly fell in love with her husband. The two of them met through the band and when she wanted to follow her dreams even further and head west to California, they uprooted and moved away.

Once the brand came out on the market and others noticed the products, Lime Crime became a top selling competitor in the cosmetic industry. The cosmetics that Doe manufactures is so bold that people who wear it, they want to grab everyone’s attention in the room when she walks in.

Not everyone has what it takes to pull off the bold look of Lime Crime. If you are someone who loves the warm colors and likes traditional makeup, Lime Crime is not the brand for you. If you want bold hair, bold eyes and a standout outfit, the brand is what you are looking for when deciding what to use for products. Learn more:

When asked what led her to create the line of cosmetics, Doe spoke about the love she had very early on for hardcore colors and once she was old enough and knew what she had to do, she started the Lime Crime makeup line. Learn more:

Border Patrol Returns U.S. Citizen’s Truck After Civil Forfeiture

Gerardo Serrano was driving from the United States to Mexico to visit relatives in August of 2015, when he was detained by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) authorities who searched his vehicle. Serrano had a concealed carry permit, and he had forgotten about five bullets in the console of the truck he was driving. They turned up in the search of the vehicle, and authorities declared them to be “munitions of war.” Regardless of the fact that Serrano wasn’t charged with any criminal offenses, his $40,000 Ford pick up truck was immediately seized pursuant to federal civil forfeiture laws.

Federal law allows a civil forfeiture victim to seek the return of their property, but it involves tedious and expensive procedures. Most people simply don’t have the money to invoke their procedural rights, so the government keeps their property. Law enforcement then either uses the property for its own purposes, or it’s auctioned off. Serrano didn’t want either of those two things to happen, so he posted a $4,000 bond and waited for notice of when the forfeiture hearing would be held. He received no such notice, but he continued to make his loan and insurance payments on the truck for two years. In the interim, he contacted The Institute for Justice IJ, a libertarian civil liberties and public interest law firm that provides free legal representation to its clients. IJ saw a forfeiture abuse and contacted CBP.

Suddenly Serrano was notified that he could get his truck back and $4,000 back. It was washed and freshly waxed. The truck even had a new set of tires on it. Serrano probably wasn’t the only person that this happened to. During 2015, at the four U.S. border crossings in Texas, 525 vehicles had been taken from U.S. citizens and legal residents. Serrano’s story doesn’t end with the return of his truck and money. He’s now included as a plaintiff in a class action lawsuit against CBP.

Papadopoulos Indictment and Plea Perhaps Most Troubling for Trump Administration

On October 30, 2017, the first of three indictments were announced arising out of the Special Counsel investigating the allegations that Russia had meddled with the 2016 presidential elections. Indeed, of the three people whose indictments were announced, one person has already pleaded guilty. In reality, the case of George Papadopoulos may have the most significant and negative impact to the administration of Donald Trump, perhaps even the President himself.

Papadopoulos confessed to providing false information to federal investigators. Specifically, he admitted to lying about the timing of contacts between the Donald Trump presidential campaign and Russians with connections to the Kremlin. According to his indictment, Papadopoulos appears to be cooperating with the Special Counsel, providing inside information from the Trump campaign that may have a bearing on whether or not members of Trump’s inner circle were involved in collusive activity with individuals connected with the Russian government during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The White House, from the President to other members of his staff, maintain that the indictments do not support a contention that the Trump presidential campaign was involved in colluding with the Russians in 2016. Indeed, the President has taken a hardline approach to the indictments specifically, as well as the towards the Special Counsel. The President has gone so far as to lob personal attacks via Twitter at Papadopoulos.

In the aftermath of this first round of indictments, legal observers are debating whether or not more indictments are likely to be forthcoming. Overall, a majority of legal observers concluded that the trio of initial indictments represents the beginning of what will be a progress of future indictments.

The Special Counsel’s office has been mum about what is ahead in the future as far as additional indictments may be concerned. As of the day after the announcement of the initial indictments, there appear to be four sealed matters on the court’s docket, set between the indictments that have been unsealed. This has led people to speculate that at least four more indictments are in the offing.

Jeff Yastine’s Rich Legacy Of Financial Journalism

     Jeff Yastine serves as an Editorial Director of Banyan Hill Publishing. He has extensive experience in financial journalism. He joined the business publishing group in 2015. He also serves as the editor of Total Wealth Insider, a financial publication with a strong focus on alternative investment opportunities. He contributes to several journals at Banyan Hill. Some of these include Sovereign Investor Daily as well as Winning Investor Daily.

Jeff Yastine has had a sterling career as a financial journalist. He came to the spotlight as the anchor and Senior Correspondent for Nightly Business Report, a financial television program distributed to public television by the PBS network in the US and CNBC in Europe. The position earned him an Emmy nomination in 2007. The business award nomination recognized his contribution in creating awareness about the US’ underfunded public infrastructure.

The show also enabled him to interview world financial heavyweights such as Warren Buffet and Richard Branson among numerous others. He mastered his trade by working with the best in the industry. He spent more than fifteen years with the television network up to the end of 2010. He is proficient in a diverse range of sectors such as cybersecurity, retail, biopharmaceuticals, and the agricultural segment among others.

He is on record warning investors about the dot-com bubble years before it hit. Some of his notable assignments include covering BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill saga in 2010, Hurricane Katrina and the economic struggles it brought in 2005, the Panama Canal handover in 1999 and the effects of foreign investments in Cuba. In 2002, he won the Excellence in Financial Journalism Award, a recognition by the New York Society of Certified Public Accountants.

He also publishes his views on numerous online financial publications and blogs such as Seeking Alpha and TalkMarkets among multiple others. Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine worked for Newsmax Media as the Director of Financial Newsletters. The firm publishes numerous digital journals and is based in Florida.

Just before this, he worked as an Editorial Director of The Oxford Club, a part of The Agora group of companies. He was responsible for two membership-based financial journals until 2013.

Jeff Yastine graduated from the University of Florida in 1986 with a degree in electronic journalism. He is a top-rated journalist and a captivating storyteller. He is at home giving business and financial analysis as well as economic trends through the eyes of the story-makers including regular folk, business leaders, and investors.


Securus Technologies joins fight against crime with hi-tech solutions

Many people not directly familiar with the U.S. prison system are surprised to learn the extent to which guards and prison administrators fight against crime on a daily basis. Even though the inmates are locked up most of the day, ongoing criminal activity is one of the most serious threats that penal institutions throughout the United States face.


One of the most serious threats that prisons face on a daily basis is that presented by illegal cellular devices. These means of communication, when placed in the wrong hands, could facilitate serious crimes. Illicit cell phones are often used by gangs to communicate with those on the outside, potentially enabling the introduction of contraband into the facility and even enabling crimes that take place on the outside of prison. There are many recorded instances of gang leaders ordering the murders of those on the outside, including witnesses and police officers, while they are incarcerated.


Because illegal cell phones pose such a dire risk to the safety of penal institutions across the United States, one company, Securus Technologies, has developed a system that enables the detection of any contraband cellular device inside of a prison. Called Stingray, this high-tech system is a direct adaptation of technologies that have been developed on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan by the U.S. Department of Defense. Initially used for targeting the communications devices and intercepting communications of enemy combatants, the Stingray system is now being used in the nation’s prisons to fight almost precisely the same problem.


So effective has the system proved to be that prisons where it has been deployed have reported that virtually all cellular devices not authorized by the prison itself have been completely eliminated. Prisons where the device has been deployed report that they are confiscating virtually no contraband cell phones during standard inmate detentions and searches.