Beneful Recipe Change With New Ingredients To Benefit Your Dog’s Overall Health

Any dog owner will tell you that their dog is their baby. As a doting parent to these cuddly companions, it’s only natural that dog owners want what is best for their pet. One area a dog owner is specifically heedful of, is in what type of nutrition their dog receives.
In a recent article published on the Huffington Post (You can read the article here: Beneful, produced by Nestle PurinaStore PetCare, has come under serious fire for the ingredients its pet food contains. That fire has leveraged a lawsuit that has not yet been settled by the company, instigated by angry pet owners who feel that the company is using poor quality and corrosive ingredients that can be found in products that are known poisons to animals. Nestle Purina has no intention of settling that lawsuit, arguing the lack of evidence to show their product to be anything but nutritious and healthy.

The company has recently made changes to the ingredients in their Beneful line. The reformulation of their Amazon sold product promises to produce a more wholesome eating experience for dogs by utilizing real ingredients. The new changes, which were two years in the making, to Beneful is actually in response to the consumer’s desire to provide a healthier more balanced food to their dog’s dish.

While there are some concerns about the dyes and additional ingredients being used in the new recipe, the FDA has approved the use of such ingredients claiming them not to have harmful effects on pets, or humans. That does not mean pet owner concerns have fallen on deaf ears. The new recipe now includes real meat listed as the first ingredient on each of the eight products in their dry food line. In addition, there has been a reduction in the use of dyes and other chemicals in response to feedback produced by dog owners.

Purina knows not all dog owners will be a fan of products. What’s important is making sure those pet owners who do use the product are happy by ensuring quality nutrition is being delivered to their dogs. Go to for more info..

Four Beneful Wet Food Varieties for Your Dog to Enjoy

Beneful dog food comes in many forms for your pet to enjoy. There’s dry food, wet food, and treats that are made with natural ingredients to keep your dog healthy and happy. Their wet food products are great because they contain more meat protein and are made with fewer carbohydrates. They also contain no artificial preservatives or flavoring. It’s also beneficial for your dog if they’re struggling to lose weight; the nutrients in the wet food creates more magnitude so your dogs belly can fill full as if he was eating dry food. And if your dog is old, then that’s one more reason to pick‘s wet dog food. Dry food can be hard for your pooch to chew on, which is why wet food is the perfect alternative for them. Here is a list of some of the many great choices for your dog to enjoy: (*link here:
Incredibites: This canned food comes in a wide variety of different flavors, which includes beef, chicken, and salmon. The other standard ingredients are tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice.

Chopped Blends: These flavors include beef, chicken, turkey, carrots peas, barley, wild rice, brown rice, and spinach.

Chopped Blends: This brand is a little bit different. The ingredients in this brand are comprised of salmon, chicken, lamb, sweet potatoes, brown rice, spinach, liver, peas, carrots, and tomatoes.

Tuscan, Romana, and Mediterranean Style Medley : As the name suggests, these brands offer a hodgepodge of well balanced nutrients that make up your pooches daily diet. The Tuscan Style Medley contains beef, carrots, rice, and spinach. The Romana Style contains chicken, carrots, pasta, and spinach. And the Mediterranean Style Medley contains lamb, tomatoes, brown rice, and spinach.

All in all, the wet dog food is an excellent choice among others in this pantheon of Beneful goodness. Your furry friend is guaranteed to savor every bit of its natural benefits while being ever so grateful that you care about them and their health. This products can be purchased online on Amazon too!

Doe Deere Rails Against Conservative Fashion Rules

Conservative fashion rules are a hard thing for a lot of women to deal with because they have to conform to something that is not like their style at all. They have been told to wear what they are supposed to wear without a thought, and they usually do not like it. Doe Deere is trying to break all those fashion rules, and she has come out with information that will help women dress the way they want. That means that all these women can follow the new rules with help from Doe Deere’s line at Lime Crime.

Doe Deere starts by talking about the fact that women should be allowed to wear color. They are not able to wear too many colors together because people think it is not right, but Deere made Lime Crime colors so that women can wear all of them together if they want to. There is a lot that women are allowed to do that they have not been told they can do, and Doe Deere is going to fill women in on all of these things.

That means that the next thing that all women should do is make sure that they are wearing their colors together in their clothes if they want. Doe Deere wants women to have a look at the bright makeup they wear, and she wants them to wear the same colors in their clothes.

Women with odd hair colors can wear any clothes they want because their hair just adds another color to the ensemble. It is a very easy way to dress because women can have the hair they want, the clothes they want and not have to worry about the rules.

This extends to the way that women dress when they are going out for the evening. They can wear anything they want even if it looks young or old. No woman should be held in by her age. Women who love getting dressed up need to follow Doe Deere’s new rules. Her new rules are helpful for putting together nice outfits, and women can even wear patterns together. They can break all the old rules, and they can break confidently because Doe Deere said so.

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Skout Supports Lots Of Young Companies To Be Built To Last

Portia, the current chief financial officer at Skout, appreciated the dedication of Skouts employees in developing startup and young companies. She regards highly how they have a culture that embraces diversification especially in maintaining their potential I the product market. The teams of workers at Skout work in boosting young companies establish a foundation that will remain for the future of the companies. Portia plans to apply the trait she understands very well in running the whole of Skout’s network which understands that every firm has challenges that are different from any other. Uniqueness is the key to which she will bring up her game in development of Skout to greater heights.

Portia is perfect for her role as a CFO in Skout based on her experience with working with small, midsized and large companies. She’s open minded when it comes to handling challenges because she has had great interactions. Portia understands that Skout just like other firms will have emerging difficulties in products and promotion which she is geared up for.  However, she uses efficiency in all her dealings. Apparently her success can be from embracing versatility in hear dealings and working in the top most priority areas.

The Skout CFO Portia looks forward to promoting the networking concept in the company by continuing to connect and bring people together. She admires how a local case in an interior rural area can be solved through the great dedication of the Skout community. Her advice to women is to continue being diverse and avoid the limitations that come with status quo.Also, confidence is a trait required in order to conquer divisions dominated by women. She is appreciative of her role models in her life such as Portia and great women leaders like Margaret Thatcher both in vision and idea.

Portia as a great woman who have succeeded very well in her career loves mentoring young women also at the start of their careers. She herself has been able to surpass challenging times through the mentorship sessions that she attended with the likes of Robin Wolaner. She admits coming from a humble background that had her visualize things through lots of reading than watching. Her tenacity is beyond measure especially with her love for women explicating great leadership roles. The main trait of a successful woman or a woman on the road to success in confidence and portion highly encourages women to embrace the trait in addition to being versatile.

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Wen By Chaz Wins Bustle Readers Over

Women across the world are always looking for a change, especially when it comes to changing their hair. Women are willing to change everything from the color, to the length and sometimes the texture of their hair in order to feel good about themselves and their hair.While I love having the control to change my hair whenever I would like I do often struggle with trying new products on my hair. My biggest fear lies in what if the style is ugly, what if the product doesn’t work and most importantly what if my hair doesn’t flow thanks to the product anymore? These are all legitimate concerns and while I have always wanted to try WEN hair something in me makes me afraid.
Recently had a blogger take a Wen By Chaz challenge. This challenge granted a beauty blogger the opportunity to use Wen By Chaz and then share her results with readers: . Before the blogger began the challenge she noted that she had fine hair to begin with. The great thing about this QVC advertised brand is that it supposedly works on all types of hair including fine hair like hers. After 7 days she gave the product a whiff and to her surprise the results weren’t bad at all.

Wen by Chaz was created by Guthy Renker acclaimed hair extraordinaire Chaz Dean. He is an expert on all things hair.

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Michael Zomber Provides Weapon Expertise On History Channel Show

Michael Zomber is one of the most prolific storytellers in the world. He has authored six books and written several screenplays. Some of his published works include Jesus and the Samurai, Sweet Betsy That’s Me and Son of Kentucky. Many of his works explore how the horrors of war play a role in the lives of individuals.

Born in 1949, Zomber is the son of German Immigrants. As a child, his family moved to New Jersey then settled in Pennsylvania. After graduating from high school, he attended the University of Illinois, Villanova University and Oberlin College, where he attained several degrees.

Zomber is an authority on guns, Japanese Samurai swords and other antique weaponry. He is also a weapons dealer. Over the years, he has acquired a significant cache of weapons and armor from many countries. Zomber also appears on The History Channel series: Tales of the Gun. Zomber’s expertise can be seen on eight episodes of the critically acclaimed series.

Zomber and his wife, Andrea, live in Franklin, Tennessee. His wife currently runs the independent film company Reniscent Films. In his travels, Zomber has seen the catastrophic affects of war up close and personal. Because of this, he is a huge supporter of Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders and UNICEF.  Check out Michael on Facebook, or read about his continued film work on his production company page.

The EU Could Be In What George Soros Is Calling”Mortal Danger”

Mortal danger for the EU could be the confluence of two things. They are in the middle of a struggle over how they should be operating, and it is making countries wonder if they should even belong. They are also dealing with refugees who are streaming in from Syria in the middle of a civil war. They have not decided how they are going to deal with any of this, and it is not helping their position. George Soros is talking about how this could be the end of EU, and people need to start listening.

The problem with the EU at the moment is that they will not deal with the refugees fast enough. There are people waiting to get into the EU, and they are scared. George Soros wants to see governments with trillion dollar budgets set aside money to help these people go where they need to go. Every person who is coming in from outside the EU has to have a chance to get to a final destination, and they cannot be left to wait.

This is a crisis that George Soros knows is making the EU look bad. He also knows that all these refugees are going to be good for the EU on if they are just allowed to come in. They have to be given a chance to come into the countries in the EU with one time assistance. George Soros is not saying that these people should be given a free pass to do what they want, but they need to be given enough assistance to make sure that they will be safe once they arrive.

The money that is given as assistance once would help all these people pay it back in taxes at the end of the year. These people will also be in a position to help the EU operate better in the future because they will be more established. These people have nowhere to go if they go back to Syria on, and they will likely be killed for fleeing ISIS. It makes much more sense to give these people the help they need now so that they can go on with their lives. They should not be left to sit in Greece or France for years at a time.

It is also necessary to allow all these refugees free passage. George Soros has told the EU that they are already a free zone, and the refugees should be allowed to go where they need to go. Police presence might need to be higher, but that is only to protect everyone as the refugees move through Europe. They will stop in the places they need to go, and they will start their new lives in the EU with the money they were given. There will be a whole new population in the EU, and they will start to contribute. George Soros knows that immigrants are going to get a lot done, and he wants to see them given a chance as soon as possible.

Coriant Is An Independent Technology Company

Formed in 2013, Coriant is one of the world’s foremost technology companies. Company officials and staffers aim to help provide their customers with access to technology that can enrich their lives and help them do business in a safer, faster and more effective way. The company has been instrumental in helping to provide companies and people around the world with access to communications networks that are fast and reliable.

On Top Of Technology

Company officials sell hardware that they know to be efficient and useful for all of their clients. They also know that other companies look to them to help them figure out the best way to navigate contemporary technologies and figure out which particular technological innovations are right for their needs at any given time frame. This is why the company has enjoyed such success since it was founded: a devotion to the needs of customers and staffers who are caring and also bring a great deal of background knowledge to the subject.

The Right Leadership

At the head of Coriant is highly respected leader Shaygan Kheradpir. He brings a great deal to the table that helps him meet the needs of his staffers and his customers. Kheradpir has an extensive background in the field of technology and related fields. He earned an undergraduate degree in this subject from Cornell University in New York state. He has also earned additional degrees in engineering with a specific focus on the field of control systems. It is this technological knowledge that has helped him make Coriant one of the nation’s leading providers in the field of technology.

His Other Skills

Kheradpir also brings with him many years of team management skills. Under his leadership, many of his team members have learned from him how to improve their own understanding of technology and how to be more effective at providing necessary customer service to their clients. He knows the importance of making sure that all members of his team are fully up to date on the latest in technological developments. As the company continues to expand into new markets, Kheradpir hopes to continue to be at the help assisting staff and customers alike.

If Pets Could Clap His Paws, Owners Would Get A Standing Ovation!

Purinastore Beneful inspires healthy pets. The Purina family of pet food and treat products are created in the kitchens of Purina. Each product is individually designed to manage your pet’s health from puppy to senior. Balancing the needed nutrition for each cycle of your pet’s life with maintaining energy, alertness, flexibility, physical stamina, and overall health. The hundreds of scientists who ensure pets receive the proper nutrition, antioxidants, strong digestive system maintenance, building strong bones, sharp minds, and bright eyes all work diligently to provide the best nutritional meals for the pets in your life.

Puppy – So you are planning to get a puppy? Or you have already brought your puppy home? Purina is here to help you train, schedule your puppies first visit the vet for vaccination, and schedule a health check-up. Introducing your puppy to his new surroundings and begin the helpful training on how to live with people is part of Beneful’s Puppy education. When it comes to feeding your puppy, Purina had thought of that too, by developing the perfect blend of food with the nutrition, antioxidants and healthy foods to build a strong immune system, healthy bones, and overall health.

Dogs – Once your dog has grown out of the puppy stage, it is time to change the menu.  Beneful has the perfect blend of foods that maintain the healthy pet you had as a puppy. Keep that bounce in your pet and energy at its peak for balance, running, playing, or just chasing his tail. Purina has added the exact antioxidants for your dog’s needs. They have started adding nutrients for alertness, and special vitamins for continued health.

Senior – Oh, those senior years. We all feel the aging process, and your pet is no different than we are.  Senior dogs need to be fed meals that are based on the specific needs of your pet. Purina’s kitchens have again solved this problem by designing pet food that specifically manages the aging process of dogs, big and small. The pet owner can go online and specifically purchase their pet’s favorite blends of food and have them delivered directly to the home complete with the senior dog’s specific needs.

Treats – Every pet needs treats! Who understands pet treats better than Your pet will thank you by being part of the family much longer with healthy treats from Purina.

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Skout’s App Makes Us Laugh More!

When life is serious, we are more likely to have stress that can hurt our relationships. It is okay to take things seriously, however, it is helpful to laugh sometimes. You can laugh at yourself if you would like. You can laugh at the world if that helps. You can also start laughing when someone says or does something humorous. It is fun to laugh when you meet new people because laughter is an engaging activity that shows how much of sense of humor your have. When you meet someone new, whether it is in real life or online, showing that you have a sense of humor can fuel the conversation. When people are able to laugh it usually shows that they are open to new ideas, and laughter helps us explore the goofy sides of our own personalities. Laughter can be a healer as well. It is a great remedy for stress, and people who laugh often are often living happy lives.

Skout wanted to show their appreciation for laughter, so the social media application team at Skout decided to develop a survey for their users to connote how their user population feels about humor. The results were shared in detail on PR Newswires site, which can be found via a link at the end of this post. Let’s discuss more about Skout and what they found out about laughter and humor.

About Skout And Their Recent Survey

Skout is a global social media application that is helping people in 180 different countries connect with one another in order to make friends and other types of relationships. They have a new travel feature that allows you to connect with anyone in the world, so it is especially great if you plan to travel to new places in the world.

Their recent survey was done in appreciation of National Humor Month. Skout actually had their team look through random sets of profile pictures from their community in order to determine if there is a correlation between laughter in profile pictures and positive interactions in their community. They have found some interesting results that point to a positive relation here. Statistically, people who feature themselves laughing in their profile are over 400 percent more likely to have their profile favorited by other users on Skout. To look at the original PR Newswire article on Skout, go to this link.

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