What Legal Actions Awat Harvey Weinstein?

Movie mogul Harvey Harvey Weinstein’s is having a rough time. More than fifty women (and some men) have come forward claiming that the film maker has sexually harassed them at different times over a long period of time.

The picture that is emerging is that of a powerful and influential figure in the film industry using his position for undignified gains. On the other hand, Weinstein has acknowledged that has “caused a lot of pain,” yet still claiming that some of the allegations are “patently false.”

But it is the legal implications of the long list of allegations that is likely to cause even more drama. Employment and labour law attorney Ann Fromholz said that regardless of Weinstein’s influences and his position at the company, The Weinstein Co. would be liable over sexual harassment claims even if they weren’t aware.

The four member board of the company had indicated that their commitment to participating in any investigations. “We are committed to assisting with our full energies in all criminal or other investigations of these alleged acts, while pursuing justice for the victims and a full and independent investigation of our own.” Read, a statement from the board.

Several board members resigned in the wake of the allegations. Details of whether the company or Weinstein had made any payments have not been substantiated.

Top celebrities, including award winning actress Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd,Gwyweth Paltrow among others have given grotesque accounts of their encounter with Weinstein at different times in their career. Actress Rose McGowan is reported to have reached a $100 000 settlement with Weinstein to “avoid litigation and buy peace,” after an ugly encounter with the film mogul in a hotel room during the Sundance Film Festival in 1997.

The allegations on Harvey Weinstein have cast a pale shadow on work ethics in Hollywood. Focus now shifts to whether there will be lawsuits emerging from the Weinsten scandal even as Weinstein reportedly takes time for counseling and to concentrate on his family.

Talk Fusion is Expanding Their Company into New Delhi India

Talk Fusion is a company that is going above and beyond to better lives in countries around the world. Their latest announcement was on November 29th when they informed the world via press release that they would be opening a new international office. The location of the new office in New Delhi India is absolutely perfect. This new location is designed to serve as a central international support center to support the company’s continued growth in the region.


This announcement has many people throughout India very excited as they are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to take part in Talk Fusion Instant Pay. Talk Fusion Instant Pay is believed to be the world’s very first instantaneous compensation plan that allows representatives of the company to receive pay within 3 minutes after a sale is finalized.


The founder of Talk Fusion Bob Reina believes that India will become one of the top Talk Fusion marketplaces in the world so the placement of the office in New Dehli could not be a better fit. The new office will be located in the Westend Mall in Unit 301 B located in New Delhi in the Janak Puri West Metro Station. The office hours of this new location will be Monday through Saturday from 9:30 am until 6 pm local time.


Talk Fusion provides innovated products and services to businesses in over 140 countries worldwide. Their most familiar product is the Talk Fusion Video Suite which includes video email, video newsletters, live meetings, video chat, and sign-up forms all in one convenient package! To learn more check out the full press release here or visit the Talk Fusion website at talkfusion.com.



Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/talk-fusion

Wells Fargo Faces Will Spend Billions in Legal Fees

Banking giant Wells Fargo is making shareholders and investors very nervous as its legal bills keep getting more and more exorbitant. The American bank is keeping law firms quite busy as it faces multiple legal challenges ranging from consumer fraud to improper mortgage lending practices, and the total cost of legal representation, settlements, court fees and fines could total more than $3.3 billion.


In a recent financial filing reported by Bloomberg, Wells Fargo indicated that it allocated $1 billion more than the previous quarter to its legal defense fund. The bank’s Chief Financial Officer has hinted that Wells Fargo will likely settle with financial regulators and aggrieved mortgage borrowers in the next few months, but there have been no indications of how much the settlement amounts may be. The bank needs to make strong investments in legal operations now for the purpose of keeping settlements as low as possible; this is a case in which a single legal misstep could put the bank out of business.


In July 2017, Wells Fargo estimated that it would have to pay $80 million to aggrieved account holders who were charged for auto insurance coverage that they never requested; in the financial world, this unethical practice is known as “slamming.” A November filing by Wells Fargo indicates that the bank underestimated this loss considerably since it will now have to pay $150 million; in general, each financial report issued by the bank this year has seen an increase of legal fees, a situation that shareholders are not happy with.


An interesting aspect of the various cases Wells Fargo is currently facing is that former executives and directors are being held personally accountable. Whereas in the past a simple dismissal of executive board members was the typical corporate reaction to major scandals, a federal district judge in San Francisco overseeing the Wells Fargo case recently determined that claims against former bank directors should face legal scrutiny in certain circumstances.

Artificial Intelligence Program Wins Competition Against Lawyers

In late October, a legal skills competition between more than 100 attorneys and an artificial intelligence construct unfolded in London. More than 100 attorneys faced off against Case Cruncher Alpha, an AI construct developed and configured by Cambridge University students who initially set out to create a chatbot that can answer questions about legal topics.


According to a BBC news broadcast, the current version of Case Cruncher Alpha follows a structure that enables it to connect to a neural network and several databases. When the AI software was tasked to review 800 historic court cases involving payment protection insurance claims, it was able to accurately determine the outcome with a margin of 87 percent. The attorneys who entered the competition had less impressive results as their determination was correct by a margin of less than 62 percent.


It should be noted that the AI software had certain advantages in the competition. First of all, the lawyers were selected from various London firms, some of them quite prestigious, but they did not specialize in the type of insurance claims that they were tasked with reviewing; second, the AI was connected to several legal databases that the lawyers did not have access to when they reviewed the 800 cases.


The developers of Case Cruncher Alpha admit aware of the unfair advantage, and they admit that an experienced lawyer who specializes in payment protection insurance claims would perform better; nonetheless, the AI program took substantially less time to review a heavy caseload that required more than 100 attorneys to complete.


In the legal field, this competition seemed like the historic chess match series between IBM’s Big Blue supercomputer and Gary Kasparov in the 1990s. More recently, Google developed AlphaGo, an AI construct that beat a South Korean master in the ancient Chinese game of go, which is harder for a computer to master since playing often requires irrational strategies.


Legal experts who observed the competition stated that they think AI software may eliminate five percent of the attorney workforce in the near future.

Equifax Defends Legality of Executive Stock Sales

This summer’s hack of Equifax’s customer data has left nearly 150 million Americans in question of whether or not their data was included in the breach. The attack, which began in May and wasn’t caught until July, was further punctuated by a malware incident involving the company’s website in the following October, resulting in the suspension of a deal with the IRS. While the company will inevitably face legal repercussions, whether in the form of Justice Department action or through suits from individual customers, a recent internal inquiry has allegedly cleared members of the company from wrongdoing in at least one aspect of the case.


In the immediate days following the Equifax breach, it was reported that a group of several key executives sold off a large quantity of shares. With a value approaching $2 million, the sale of these shares was immediately the target of a probe led by the the Securities and Exchange Commission and Georgia’s U.S. Attorney’s Office. Equifax first became aware of the hack on July 29th, with the four executives in question jettisoning their stocks the following first week of August.


Given the timeline, it seemed more than likely that the sellers had been made aware of the hack, thereby making this an example of insider trading. However, Equifax maintained that Douglas Brandberg, an investor relations lead, Joseph Loughran, president of information solutions, John Gamble, the CFO, and Rodolfo Ploder, the president in charge of workforce solutions, were not among whose who had knowledge of the attack before its public announcement.


Equifax led its own internal investigation, which this week revealed its determination that the trade did not break any legal bounds. The investigative teamed performed well over 30 interviews and sifted through roughly 55,000 emails but found no evidence that the four executives in question had advanced knowledge, and likewise determined that the sales were approved following the necessary legal procedures. That said, it’s unclear if or how this internal investigation will affect legal proceedings from U.S. officials.

Michel Terpin successful career in rallying

Michel Terpin is a prominent name in Brazil. Many people love and respect him because of his accomplishments in rally driving. The talented and highly trained rally driver is celebrated because of the many awards he has won in the course of his career. In the modern times, rally car driving is believed to be one of the most dangerous professions. Very few individuals in the society have decided to venture into this industry because they know that they are risking their lives. In Brazil, however, the department has attracted very many individuals who claim to have all the qualities needed to be a rally driver. The exciting sport attracts a large fan base in the country.

Michael has always been passionate about the exciting sport. When he was born many years ago, his parents did not know that they were rising a son who would one day become one of the most influential rally drivers in Brazil. After completing his education in some of the best schools in Brazil, the young Michel felt that he was ready to venture into car rally industry. Michel has been very successful since then, and he has won the hearts of very many young people in the country.

With the help of his brother, Michel Terpin founded a company known as Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Both of the brothers have excellent driving skills, and they have been making waves due to their experience. The duo love to rally using a car known as T-Rex. The prototype car is known for its rare design, and it was developed by a company known as MEM Motorsport. The car was recently modified by getting a V8 engine so that it can have a greater power. The ethanol fuel used by the unique car makes it even more competitive and better for the individuals who want to use it. In his successful career, Michael Terpin and his brother have been participating in the Brazilian Championships and Mitsubishi Cup. Whenever he is not participating in the rallies, the businessman loves to devote his time to organizing the famous Annual Sorties Rally. According to a report released to the public, the businessman ventured into car rallies in the year 2002.

6 Things You Shouldn’t Do to the Flag

Here are some things that people do to the American flag that are considered disrespectful according to the Flag Code.


  1. Wearing American Flag Patterned Clothing


The U.S. Flag Code 176, letter D, states that the U.S. flag pattern is not to be used as wearing apparel. This means that all those flag printed bikinis, button-up shirt, socks, and even those Old Navy flag shirts, can be considered disrespectful.


  1. The Flag Shouldn’t Be Displayed Flat or Horizontally


The flag must never touch the ground. Most people know this, but only a few know that the flag has to be displayed vertically. The U.S Flag Code 176, letter C, states that the American flag should never be held horizontally.


  1. Disposable Flag Products


Using disposable flag printed cups and plates can be considered disrespectful. Therefore, think twice before buying any of those flag printed plates or cups.


  1. Using the Flag for Advertising Purposes


During Independence Day, you will see a lot of brand products being decorated with the U.S. flag. Well, according to the law, using the flag to advertise brand products is strictly prohibited.


  1. Using the Flag on Costumes or Athletic Uniform


Teams in the NBA, NFL and other leagues normally sell and wear jerseys and other athletic gear featuring the United States flag. However, the Flag Code states that no portion of the flag should be used as an athletic uniform or costume. Only a flag patch can be used on policemen, firemen, military personnel and members of patriotic organizations uniforms.


  1. Drawing on the Flag


Attaching or placing any drawing, figure, letter, mark or insignia on the flag is illegal. In simple words, don’t add anything to the U.S. flag or even edit a picture over the flag.


The Flag Code has it that the flag should not bear any mark, word, letter, figure, design or drawing of any nature.

Corporate And Individual Taxes To Get Cut In The Proposed Republican Tax Bill

As written in an article by Rachel Gerber on 2nd November 2017, the JURIST, also known as the Committee on Ways and Means of the Republican Controlled House of Representatives released a proposal on jobs act and tax reduction. Kevin Brady, who chairs the committee, introduced the so-called Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Thursday this week.


Paul Ryan, the House Speaker, co-sponsored Kevin Brady’s proposal. According to the article, Brady emphasized that the bill intended to help the American people who belonged to the low and the middle class. He further said that the American legislation got wholly focused on:

  • Growing the economy
  • Taking the jobs back to the local communities
  • Increase salaries for the workers
  • Ensuring that Americans got to save more of their earnings.

Rachel Garber indicated in the article that the proposed Act will not only lower tax rates for all the earning Americans within the low and middle class but will also lower business taxes. The article further explains that the Child Tax will get expanded and renamed the Family Credit to accommodate additional aid and support. Tax Credit will get added to the new Family Credit. High earning Americans will retain their usual tax rate of 39.6 percent. Rachel further indicates that the estate tax will get phased out by the end of the year 2023.


The article got published on Paper Chase, the JURIST’s news service provider. Comprising of a team of 30 editors and reporters who are law students, the Paper Chase provides real-time legal news. The team gets led by a university professor, Bernard Hibbitts, who teaches law at Pittsburg School of Law. The paper offers an educational service which explains why they get dedicated to presenting critical legal news. The format used in the presentation is accessible. The news is not only presented intelligently but also objectively. The materials get spread and presented rapidly.

Expert Tips on Finding the Right Attorney

Having a legal case to either start or one that is against you can be frustrating, confusing and highly problematic if you don’t have the right legal aid. This is why it is key that you find a good quality lawyer and attorney who is going to be there when you need them the most. The best way for you to accomplish this is to know what type of legal professional you’re going to need. For instance, if you are going to be taking a person to court for family law, you’re obviously going to want to hire an attorney who specializes in this type of legal option.


The problem that a lot of people have when hiring attorneys is that they do not look for one who is specialized in the field they’re using. Sure, you can hire a regular attorney for just about any case that you have coming up, but this does not mean that they are specialized in that specific field and they may not give you the legal assistance and aid that you need to win the case. You will find that searching for the right lawyer is key when it comes to finding the most out of this option.


You are also going to want to contact the lawyer’s office before making the decision to hire them for their services. This is a great option for a lot of people who are trying to improve their lives. This is why a lot of people are making the decision to work with professionals and know that these experts are there for them when they need it the most. There are lots of experts out there who are going to be able to take on the case for you and get you the information that you need in order for you to make the most out of this option when you are going to be going to court and need some type of legal assistance.

The influence of American Institute Architects

     American Institute of architects is a membership-based professional organization which is under the management of Robert Ivy who encourages the architects to think far beyond their field. The body is more concerned in designing and constructing more industries. Ivy also says that the organization is focusing on public health and resilience.

The organization has played a significant role in public health by draining swamps in Washington and building new houses in the region. This is the current Central Park in New York which is a recreational center. Residents were freed from diseases hence health status improved.

The activity of draining these swamps made people to be released from disease attacks. The main aim was to reduce challenges which had faced the region and do away with the substandard houses. Through its activities, the city of New York is becoming an international city where many events will be held.

The organization through improvement of infrastructure has led cities to overgrow, and the lives of many have significantly improved. The team has highly supported health and also brought new designs of houses in the nation of U.S. Through this many diseases have been reduced from attacking people.

It has also given university grants to many students hence promoting education. Although there have been other organizations, AIA has dominated very many activities in U.S. The New York City has been developed to grow by this organization through the development of industries and the nation has also expanded. AIA is focusing on improving services for health so that citizens can get medical attention in the most efficient way.

The organization also needs to collaborate with other organizations to get support as said by Ivy and improve in various activities. Although it is very dominant, Ivy does want the organization to work in an isolated way as isolation can bring about failing.

In realization of its goals, AIA has recently brought much advancement in the economy of U.S., and through this, the lives of citizens have been improved. Cities like New York have grown due to support from this organization. Through the creation of employment opportunities lives of many citizens have also improved.

AIA is very concerned about the welfare of the people, and it is trying to bring in new designs of building under the view of Ivy that the members should think beyond their field. Collaboration with other organizations will give it high support and provide more services efficiently to the citizens. The activities done by the organization lives of citizens have been highly improved.