Parole for O.J. Simpson On Charges of Robbery 13 Years After The Murder of His Wife and Friend

Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman were both killed outside of a restaurant in 1994. Nicole’s husband was first charged with the murder however that court proceedings led to an acquittal. Even though Simpson was found free of charges, he was brought up in a civil liability for the deaths and was ordered to pay the families $33.5 million dollars worth of damages and most of that has been left unpaid.

13 Years later, Simpson and 4 others stormed into a hotel room in Las Vegas to gather belongings that he says were rightfully his. They stormed the room with guns out and this led to a charge in which he was found guilty of.

O.J. will now go in front of the parole board again in Nevada to plead with them to release him out on parole. Simpson should be the one person who would normally receive parole due to the fact that he has been the model inmate and his conduct in prison has left him with a clean record but what happens when those parole board members recall the murders of the century. In many cases, the history of the person is blocked by the wrong doings or what is said to have happened and the good behavior of the person is still blocked out due to the reputation.

It was this same board that offered him a good parole pardon in 2013 which led to him serving 4 more years on the charges of robbery. This time around, if the parole board decides to go in his favor, O.J. will be free to walk from prison on October 1st.

The parole board typically needs a few days to weeks in order to reach a decision on a parole hearing however with Simpson, the decision will be made instantly due to the high celebrity profile that comes with Simpson.