Pensive Luiz Trabuco Stands Tall At Bradesco

     Currently, there are ongoing reforms in Brazil’s Pension Scheme. These reforms are set to change the fortunes of Brazil and not only safeguard the pensions of everyone but also earn the country some money. What many people may not know is that these reforms are the brainchild of a prominent banking leader, Luiz Carlos Trabuco cappi. Using these same strategies, he was able to raise Banco Bradesco to the second biggest financial institution in Latin America, this renowned pioneer who has served in almost every capacity in Bradesco.

It is during his tenure at the helm that Bradesco made its biggest ever acquisition, the purchase of HSBC Brazil. But that was after making a few changes at the core of Bradesco, at first, people were skeptical, and his reforms were met with not a little hostility. A flaw in attitude had led the company to suffer a high employee turnover, especially with the officers. Young professionals would come into the company and after gaining experience would walk out. When he took over at the bank, he introduced flexible hours and increased the pay for the executives, this increased morale, the result was almost instantaneous, and with that, a culture of change was introduced and has seen the giant group rise to the top.

When he took over, Luiz Carlos Trabuco cappi was faced with rescuing a sinking ship, a string of bad debts and a pension plan that threatened to sink the bank, pundits had already sounded a death knell for Bradesco. The success of the pension scheme of the bank, he was invited to take part in the ongoing reforms, is input got him offered the chance to step in as Finance Minister. This offer was graciously turned down with Luiz Carlos Trabuco cappi opting to stay loyal to the institution where he dedicated over four decades, finally culminating in his being named Chairman.

Born in Sao Paolo in 1951, Luiz Carlos Trabuco cappi graduated from the University of San Paulo in 1969. He also holds a Masters in Philosophy. His experience that was gleaned from the pioneers of the industry, having to work multiple jobs while in college gave him a unique knowledge that has won him numerous accolades including; Personality of the Year in 2003 and 2007 and Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015. He is also ranked among the top on “The 60 Most Powerful Of Brazil.”