Real Estate Lessons from Nick Vertucci

People often forget what it is like when they have passed through a hard situation in life. Most people are even so preoccupied with their own lives that they forget to give back and mentor others who are less fortunate than themselves. However, Nick Vertucci stands out as a mentor to many using his NV Real Estate Academy (NVREA) to train people in real estate business. Since 2014, NVREA has been offering some of the best real estate training.

The hand of fate befell him in 2000 when he lost his computer parts selling business following the tech crash that rocked the stock market affecting many businesses in the world. Nick Vertucci valued the job and the convenience that came with being his own boss. The collapse of his business demoralized him since he was not prepared for it and close to 18 months without an income, he was so much in debt. He lost everything except his home.

Towards 2004, a friend invited him to a three days-extensive real estate seminar after which his heart developed an interest in the industry. It was at this point that Nick Vertucci sought some investing power, and although he was millions in debt following the collapse of his tech business. Steadily acquiring a door at a time, he invested in single-family rentals by purchasing foreclosures, rehabilitating them before renting and managing them using his turnkey system.

Within ten years of business, marketing them through radio shows such as his own “The Real Estate Investing Hour” he started flourishing and becoming financially free. His philosophy for actualizing ideas includes four steps. Seeing it, believing it, mapping it, and finally executing it. Nick Vertucci advice to budding entrepreneur is that they should be ready for dynamics in market changes and be willing to change and evolve, as well as building on their experience.

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