Robert Ivy: The Leader To The American Institute Of Architects

Architecture is the field that has given us the foundations of the society and cities that we live in. American architecture, in particular, has seen a number of shifts all through years and is now moving towards a direction of technological development.

With thousands of architects offering their skills and expertise in the country, there is no doubt that the scope of development is enormous. Even though the field is highly developed, it still has a lot of ranges to improve. One organization that is making efforts to improve the way architects perform their work is the American Institute of Architects.

The American Institute of Architects is an organization that first came into existence in the 1800s with the intention of bringing developments in the field of architecture. One of the main reasons the organization was founded was because of a lack of regulatory authority in the industry. There were no universities that offered courses in architecture, which is why finding good architects was such a hard task. Moreover, people didn’t need a license to perform as an architect which led to its own set of problems.

The American Institute of Architects monitors the government’s moves toward the architectural industry. They make sure that all laws: federal, state, and local agree with the needs of their community and profession. They also work the government to serve the public by designing public spaces and building affordable housing. The American Institute of Architects also created an outreach program that directly helps communities ravished by natural disasters. The American Institute of Architects does is educate the public on proper modern architecture practices.

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The American Institute of Architects has come far since then and now partakes in a number of activities and programs to improve the way the people in the field work. One of the people that have majorly responsible for the developments that the organization has recently been seeing is Robert Ivy, who stands as the current Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of the company. Ivy has been a member of the architectural field for several years and has contributed immensely to the experience and expertise that he possesses with regards to the field as a whole.

Ivy has worked as an architect working on the field and has also offered his services regarding being an executive to a company. He worked as an architect, providing clients his services and helping them bring their visions to life. He also worked alongside some big names and thereon gained a right amount of experience in the field with them. After spending a considerable amount of years working as an architect, he finally took up a managerial position, this time at a company that bore his name. He becomes the managing partner of Dean/Dale and Ivy, a company that stood out for the services they provided.

Ivy is also proficient in the field of architectural publications. He has worked at a number of companies like Architectural Record as an editor, helping them publish articles that readers would like to read. He is also the author of his book that he released along with the American Institute of Architects, which is a biography of the work and life of Fay Jones, the prominent and established American architect.