Tony Petrello Blends Both Leadership and Charity Successfully

Anthony Petrello grew up in Newark where he lived for most of his childhood. He was an excellent math student and this earned him a scholarship to study mathematics related courses at Yale’s University alongside a mentor, Serge Lang. He later had a change of heart and joined Harvard School of Law for a Juris Doctor.

He started his career at Baker & McKenzie where he worked majorly for departments dealing with business and taxation law. Thereafter, he got the opportunity to serve at Nabor Industries as a corporate attorney and chief operating officer of the company. He later was promoted to a higher position of leadership as the president of the company. During his regime, he was committed to building the company and working towards its goals so as to ensure the success of its operations. By so doing, he helped the company acquire ownership of Grace Drilling law firm through excellent bidding of shares. In addition, the company also had another company, Superior Well Services under its wings and this took place years after the $32 million purchase of Grace Grilling.

In 2011, Tony Petrello was appointed the CEO of Nabor Industries and later nominated by the board and the company’s executive committee as their chairman. His leadership at Nabor’s Industries was all rounded and he ensured that the growth that the company experienced was proportional to all its departments. Even amidst competition that other companies posed against his company, he always worked tirelessly with an unwavering commitment to ensuring that the company’s name remains top notch.

Apart from business, Tony also gets involved in giving back to the society. One of his charitable works is his $5 million donation to Texas Children’s Hospital that is involved in pediatric an neurological research with hope of finding a cure for kids suffering from cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders. What really inspired him most was the fact that his only daughter also suffered the same condition at birth. This also attracted his wife into extending a helping hand to these helpless children. The money that the couple donated was used mostly in research which was most of the time spearheaded by Tony Petrello. Some of the money was used in building more facilities at Texas Children’s Hospital so as to accommodate as many kids who have the same condition.

With great achievements and the massive success of his company and great progress in generous giving towards saving lives of vulnerable children, Tony Petrello is the man that every society needs.

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