Talkspace Therapists Have Lives Outside Of Therapy

Analyzing A Therapist’s Routine

If you were to take a peek inside the life of a Talkspace therapist you will see that they are so busy from the time some of us are even hours away from getting out of bed, they have hit the ground running for the day. One therapist mentioned that she gets up before six and her immediate thing after her personal morning ritual is to start dealing with Talkspace clients. Therapists have the capacity to listen to so much. Perhaps it’s the training they get while they are in school, learning how to filter some of the woes. The first therapist we were just discussing has a fulltime job where she is a therapist for adolescents. She enjoys her work, she also had a child of her own. She gets home from work and then gets back to her Talkspace clients. She finally stops her daily duties at about 10pm. That’s when she gets some personal time. She says she enjoys her life and she feels accomplished at the end of the day.

Another Daily Routine Shared

Another therapist has retired from her office career, but she dedicates her mornings and afternoons to her Talkspace clients. She begins to get some personal time at about 9pm, however a lot of that time seems to be taken up by her having to watch nothing but happy endings to counteract her day. She also says its not easy to fall asleep at times, but when she does, she goes to sleep thinking about all of her accomplishments for the day. She looks forward to the next day. Talkspace allows users to see the routines of therapists so they can realize they are not alone in daily struggles. It makes the experience more personal also.

What Is Talkspace

Both therapists mentioned that they give a large portion of their day to their Talkspace clients. Talkspace is an online therapy platform that helps individuals in need of therapy access it more conveniently and makes it more affordable. The platform can be reached from anything that can load the internet. Olympian Michael Phelps supports the new platform. He understands what it is like to fight mental illness and struggle to find the right treatment. He encourages anyone who is battling depression or anxiety to look into Talkspace. They can help anyone.