Talkspace Therapy Saves Many Lives

Therapy can be expensive for many. Talkspace is a mobile app that can help people in a much more accessible manner so that therapy can be available to those who find normal methods of therapy too expensive. Michael Phelps is an example of a person that one day realized that he needed to seek out help. After coming to this realization, Michael decided to speak to a therapist. This ended up saving his life, so he partnered with Talkspace to help save more lives.

Michael Phelps decided to partner with the creators of the mobile app Talkspace so that he can share his experience with as many people as possible. Michael suggests people that use the app to open up, and talk to friends, family, and teammates. He also suggests to work with a professional therapist if one has the ability to do so. Michael teamed up with Talkspace to make a more affordable and convenient version of therapy available to more people. As many are aware, conventional therapy can be quite expensive.

A recent article written on the crunchbase profile of the mobile app Talkspace was generally focused on the detrimental situations that can occur in the workplace of many. These kinds of situations can range from prejudices to sexual harassment, making the workplace highly toxic for anyone in it. The environment that a person is in can greatly affect their moods and self worth.

The article also goes on to mention the real world possibilities of office bullies and abuse of colleagues and employees. These kinds of work environment situations can have many negative effects on a persons health and productivity. People can also have a growing concern for their own safety in a place that they spend approximately a third of their time. These types of situations are commonly referred to as “microagressions”. The services of the Talkspace app have proven to be helpful in working through these types of situations.

Although the Talkspace app has proven to be an effective remedy, it does not hide the reality of detrimental work space issues. According to the article on the crunchbase profile of Talkspace, the work place “microagressions” seem to rank among the top issues of many people.