The Organo Gold Brand Expands and Attracts New Audience

Organo Gold has become one of the most popular independent distribution brands of gourmet coffee around. There are a ton of consumers that are enjoying this gourmet coffee that was developed by Bernardo Chua. This is coffee that clearly shows that consumers are just as interested in trying brands of coffee as they are with patronizing the well-known brands that are distributed through grocery stores. Bernardo Chua was wise enough to realize that he could get the attention of consumers if he has something that was unique. He wanted to offer something that was out of the ordinary because he knew that people would take interest in the Ganoderma mushroom. Watch this video on Youtube.

The number of people that are taking interest in the Ganoderma mushroom are growing because the promotion for this product is growing. Organo Gold has become more than just coffee brand. This is why the customer base is able to grow at such a fast rate. There are detox support drinks that have come on board as part of the Organo Gold brand. There are other people that are taking interest in the tea that is part of this product line up. View Organo Gold’s profile on

There are an assortment of different types of products that have been held as groundbreaking when it comes to the Ganoderma mushroom that is part of product ingredients. What Bernardo Chua has done it show people that there are opportunities for independent distributors to sell a multitude of different things. All that they really need is a connection to social media.

People that want to become independent distributors can easily build relationships with their friends and new potential customers by getting a connection to the social media crowd. This is where Bernard Chua has done a large portion of his advertising. This is where he has capture the attention of Generation Z.