William Saito: No Success Comes Without Failure

Believing that failure is a setback is a prevailing thought. Nevertheless, William Saito perceives it as a misconception. Failure should not be viewed negatively. It is a step or phase necessary in the journey of success. According to Saito, people who fear failure will never be innovative. Also, they will not make any significant progress. Entrepreneurship requires bravery and resilience, and it is how Saito achieved success in software development.

In 1991, William Saito founded his software company, and it has thrived since then. The success of his company opened up opportunities for him in lecturing universities, participating in the advisory team of the prime minister and sitting in boards of multi-national corporations. While mentoring and training people, Saito emphasizes the concept of failing forward.

It entails evaluating what will work or not in a given idea. Part of this evaluating will involve failure. While at it, discover what is beneficial or not. The necessary information will be valuable in enhancing the finished product. According to Saito, this approach is viable in standing out in a competitive market. This philosophy is not just out of Saito’s reasoning. He believes in it and always applies it.

One of the significant areas Saito utilized this philosophy was in Japan. The nation was affected by tsunami, earthquake and nuclear meltdown. Saito assisted in the accident investigation for parliament. He played a primary role and supported in the recovery of his nation. Other achievements include advising both public and private sectors. His specialty is cyber security, in a time when the cyberspace is facing a lot of crime and other forms of insecurity.

William Saito’s contribution to the corporate and society has not gone unnoticed. Japan has awarded him and honored his work. Saito’s knowledge and expertise are available and accessible to anyone interested in a start-up. Saito would like to assist as many people in thriving. Starting a business or venture is not easy, especially without experience. Despite the odds, they should not stop people. Saito is willing to support and guide people to fulfill their desires. Failure is not the end but a part of getting to success.